Meet The Team


KelleighFounder and Managing Director

I am very passionate about children and families and have 25 years experience various roles  managing children’s services working with families who have gone through trauma.

 I, myself  have encountered life struggles as most of us have, and have been put on the scrap heap, at 17 being pregnant and told I would amount to nothing or being told that I have potential but not now!

It has been through sheer hard work and determination and the grace of God that I managed to get through the trials and tribulations life has thrown my way.

Through God, this has led me to pursue and share my passion for people and building healthy environmentsa thoughts and wisdom through Life Essence Ministry.

“I love people, I love to support, empower and encourage the people I meet to achieve their goals. Getting to know the real you excites me and supporting you be your true self is magical!”

Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson

Lisa Pollard Romain- Director of Training and

Deputy Manager of Life Essence Housing and Support

My name is Lisa I am a big believer that faith, action and passion, with determination expands possibilities. Your were born to live a life with purpose to be fulfilled. when we empower and motivate each other, we strengthen and build partnership. I want you to feel confident about your skills and abilities, equally important is your well-being. At Life Essence I want to encourage and inspire you to take control of your own life experiences, in a positive and proactive way. I look forward to Supporting you.

Stay Blessed!

Angela Christie- Mental Health Adviser

I am a Counsellor/Psychotherapist who is motivated to supporting individuals live a fully functioning life, by having a positive outlook on their mental well-being. Statistics shows that 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues in a year and 1 in 6 with anxiety and depression in one week, ( – which would include your family, friends, work colleagues, church attendees and yes, you! Having worked in mental health for several years, I have realised that no one is exempt from mental health illnesses. My role at Life Essence is to enable you gain an understanding of how to recognise and work through mental health symptoms that may be preventing you and those within your community; live the life God has designed for us all!

Sofia – Key Worker

I am 24 years young and living in south London.

I do the usual young adult stuff – trying to gain the perfect balance of work, university, and a social life that’s at least half alive. Along with my journey of self-discovery, I embarked upon the glorious God Almighty who has helped see me through it, providing me with strength along the way.

I know how tough and worldly life can be especially for a young person seeking to be born again, so I am here to provide blogs on looking out for the signs God provides, dealing with life’s pressures and just the normal day to day topics to help see us young people through.

I provide an open-minded, non-judgemental approach and promise to keep it ALL THE WAY 100 with you!

If there is anything you ever want me to speak upon, any questions or problems you wish to share with me ya girls door is always open x

BluΒ – Key Worker

Hi I’m Blu, I live in Kent and prior to jumping on board with LE, I have been working with an organisation for the last few years running self esteem courses for our youngsters in schools, youth centers and doctors surgeries as part of social prescribing.

Through LE, I’ve now been given an amazing opportunity to work with others where there is need.I have learned over the years that so many of us do not see the beauty others’ see in us, and it takes a lot of getting to grips with who we really are, in order for us to realize our full potential and fly. My heart is to show you, YOU..

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