Volunteer with us

We are a creative and dynamic looking for driven and passionate volunteers to join our rapidly growing team.

We have many community projects to get involved in such as supporting the homeless, providing activities within your local community and our online platforms.

We are seeking individuals who have a passion for Christ, love for people and want to make a difference in lives you come across, together we can make a change.

Volunteering opportunities Following

Group coordinator/facilitator Worker

 delivering community group work programmes (Freedom) for women with experience or who are at risk of domestic abuse. 
The programme will help people to understand their experiences of domestic abuse, gain or sustain a home of their choice, gain confidence and realise their own potential

 Fundraising Trustee


To assist the Board to see the bigger picture; bring a fresh perspective to fundraising plans and strategy, support Life Essence fundraisers. To ensure fundraising is of the highest standard and priority.

Key Workergeneral support

(P/T  days/evening/weekends)

To build strong and trusted relationships with the women, many will have come from difficult or chaotic backgrounds and so have self-esteem, confidence, or mental health issues and may have never developed a trusted relationship with others.

This often takes time and patience to foster nurturing key work, supportive relationships, and these relationships are key to encouraging, guiding and supporting women towards a positive, independent future.

Handyman-  Minor repairs within LEHS accommodation

(as and when needed)

 You do not have to be qualified in a trade but if you are please let us know. Whether you are a qualified electrician or just handy with a screwdriver this is a role for you

Closed Business Support Manager

To support the team with Blogs, Housing administration. 

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