Peace & Joy-May Monthly SCRIPT-TIME

May Monthly SCRIPT-TIME How do you keep your peace and joy when the world is falling around you! Not just talking about COVID-19,  but your own personal circumstances, goals and relationships. God left us with the peace of Him and His  Joy which leads me on to this months Scripture. Work through at your ownContinue reading “Peace & Joy-May Monthly SCRIPT-TIME”

A Heart Transplant A WATER LILY

I dip. I rise. I see the world through new eyes. I broke my own heart that day without even knowing it.  The repercussions followed and the usual symptoms of burning chest pains, overwhelming sadness, guilt and regret washed over me like crashing waves of doom.  I did it again.  Without a set plan or purposed intentionContinue reading “A Heart Transplant A WATER LILY”

Desire meets a new gift

Gifts, we all love them right? Hmm maybe not. I’m sorta on the journey to loving mine. Wait. You’re confused? Let me rewind <— See when I say gifts I mean our internal power. God creates us with purpose and provides us with individual gifts to help meet our purpose. In the bible [Exodus 35:35Continue reading “Desire meets a new gift”

Battle Scars- Testimony hour Addiction and Recovery. Podcast & ft Blog

A massive thank you to Hazel who meet with me to share her truth of addiction and recovery with us, Hazel shares her darkest moments when she was addicted to alcohol. Find out how Jesus was her road to recovery by reading her blog and listening to her story   I’ve been through a tough timeContinue reading “Battle Scars- Testimony hour Addiction and Recovery. Podcast & ft Blog”


First off HAPPY 2019…I know am late but there’s a reason to which I will explain. Secondly happy 1st birthday to Life Essence. A precious platform that enables us bloggers to express, to share, to create awareness, to be real and to keep it real with no judgement or prejudices. Bearing in mind we areContinue reading “IT IS TIME”

Scripture’s for Giving Thanks-ARE YOU GRATEFUL

Have you ever notice that Grateful people are Happy people? Everyday we face challenges that can derail us, change our moods or mind sets. One thing we need to remember, is that we do have a choice in how we respond. We can choose to be people who complain or we can Choose to beContinue reading “Scripture’s for Giving Thanks-ARE YOU GRATEFUL”

Scriptures for Our Homes- 29 Daily Scriptures

  God Bless Our Homes: You often see in the movies the vicar/priest going around the house and praying in new homes or houses where there have been horrific events. Even if our house is not new or there has been know event, praying for our homes and those that live in it can onlyContinue reading “Scriptures for Our Homes- 29 Daily Scriptures”

Scriptures For The Brokenhearted

Scriptures for Broken Hearts Did you know that the book of Psalms is to prayed and not particularly to preached ? Have you read the book of Psalms? the entire book is the perfect book for times of trouble, struggles, heartbreak and fear. Psalm 34 by far is one of my go to Psalms, whenContinue reading “Scriptures For The Brokenhearted”

Depression and MY Truth-Podcast with LOVE.LAID.BARE

Well guys, I have just finished recording a Podcast about my truth of suffering from Depression, as a result of being in a toxic relationship-with Love Laid Bare. Click here to Listen Boy do I feel open right now!! But open in a good way 🙂 for it has been so long of hiding andContinue reading “Depression and MY Truth-Podcast with LOVE.LAID.BARE”


INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL TRUTH (Part 2) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) In my previous blog I wrote how the Lord wanted me to finally walk in my truth in order to be free. I knew in my heart it was time to acknowledge the truthContinue reading “INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL TRUTH (Part 2)”