RELATIONSHIP GOALS Ahh, just the title alone can scare any commitment phobe away – ‘’relationship, me? No, I’m far too young and carefree’’ or the typical ‘’I’m just not ready to be tied down, I have so much more living to do and so many things to see’’. Those are just a few ofContinue reading “RELATIONSHIP GOALS❤ PT 1”

What should I look for when choosing a new church home?

Hey Friends, I have been talking with many of you who believe in God all Mighty, but struggle with the church home. From my understanding many people have either been hurt by false doctrine (teaching) or found that many people who attended their church Judged them at their particular point in their journey where theyContinue reading “What should I look for when choosing a new church home?”

Dying to self-waiting on God!

Dying to self is not as easy as I thought it would be. I often question how do you wait on God when you are used to being in control? How do you fully give yourself to God? How do you let go and let God? To die to self I am talking about lettingContinue reading “Dying to self-waiting on God!”

It’s A Different kind of Love

What is different ? Well we oftentimes hear people talk about showing love to others.  They say that all we need is love (hmmm…sounds like a song).  Many people believe they know what love is when they are really only living by certain feelings that they call ‘love’.  Everyone wants to be loved and most people wantContinue reading “It’s A Different kind of Love”