A Prisoner of War Ephesians 2..10: Teaching presentation

A Prisoner of War Ephesians 2..10: Teaching presentation DOWNLOAD What causes spiritual death ?What does spiritual death look like ? What causes someone to be spiritually?   Life Essence UK believes in reaching people from every background, race, religion, age or sex. To show how Jesus loves us all and to break the stereotypes ofContinue reading “A Prisoner of War Ephesians 2..10: Teaching presentation”

fear-LESS: Episode 1.

  Welcome to a new three-part series titled “fear-LESS”. The purpose of the series is to help us to become less fearfull of situations. Each episode will feature character (s) taken from the Bible where this point will be illustrated and some principles will be shared. When I decided on the title to this seriesContinue reading “fear-LESS: Episode 1.”


First off HAPPY 2019…I know am late but there’s a reason to which I will explain. Secondly happy 1st birthday to Life Essence. A precious platform that enables us bloggers to express, to share, to create awareness, to be real and to keep it real with no judgement or prejudices. Bearing in mind we areContinue reading “IT IS TIME”

Single and Waiting a Soul Mate Kind of Love

SO now the Christmas and New Year Season is over, and we say….. HELLO FEBRUARY which brings the next special occasion, with all the lights, glitter and then the build-up to that all “important” world Valentines Day. The over marketing and couples posting their “loved” up photos can for some of us, highlight the factContinue reading “Single and Waiting a Soul Mate Kind of Love”


THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH… …Is a verse often quoted in the court of law just before you give evidence. A bible is used to swear in that you vow to tell the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH. What is interesting is at the end of the declaration you declare,Continue reading “THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…”

February Script Time: Wisdom and Understanding.

Welcome back, can you believe that it January is over? Last month we looked at Jabez Prayer of Hope, I have spoken with a few of you who were blessed by the blog. Which makes us really smile at Life Essence, so keep your testimonies coming in 🙂 Right Lets get to it….FEBRUARY HEAR WEContinue reading “February Script Time: Wisdom and Understanding.”

Dying to self-waiting on God!

Dying to self is not as easy as I thought it would be. I often question how do you wait on God when you are used to being in control? How do you fully give yourself to God? How do you let go and let God? To die to self I am talking about lettingContinue reading “Dying to self-waiting on God!”