What is Christianity?

Anyone who is serious about his or her beliefs has an obligation to ask the question, “What is a Christian?” What is it that distinguishes a real Christian from the everyday person? Who or what determines the answer? And where should we go to find the answer?

PDF Volume 1_ what is Christianity



What is being born again?

The question of how can someone be born again? Was the question which Nicodemous, a Religious scholar asked Jesus.

It was a difficult concept for Nicodemous to understand when Jesus explained to him what this truly means, Nicodemous thought literally.

Can an adult be re born a baby?

_PDF Volume 2_ Being Born Again .pdf



What does God say about entertainment ?

God never says, “Thou shalt not have fun, nor shalt thou smile in all thy days.”
Having a good time is not a sin, but we should pay attention to the principles
God has laid out for godly living when we do engage in leisure activities.

PDF Volume 3_ what God says about entertainment



Need Supported Services ?

There are times in life were we go through situations and circumstances, that
can stretch you emotionally, physically and mentally. whether your suffering
from addiction, domestic violence or depression.
We at life essence UK understand this and how hard it can be to reach out
and get the support you you need.


we have put a list of organisations that can provide PRACTICAL advice and support for what ever situation you find your self in.

Download Useful directories for churche’s


Pastoral Care 

General advice lines and help services


 Useful infomation for Churche’s


Seek and Pray 



Jesus got up very early in the morning to spend time with His Heavenly Father.

In order for prayer to work, we should do the same. Make a daily appointment with God and keep it.


SEEK and PRAY Personal Prayer Document 2019





1. 5 printable memorable scriptures Pt.1


2. 5 printable memorable scriptures Pt.2


3. 5 printable memorable scriptures Pt.3


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