Lie Busters-Freedom Prayer

What is Liebusting?

Liebusting is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose. Each session takes 60-90 minutes and can be done in person or over the Internet. The outcome is oneness with self, others and with GOD. The process may include own life and blood line cleansing, DNA reset, integration of stuck personality parts, land redemption and life changing heavenly encounters. Interested? Welcome… Book

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Common Questions

Is Liebusting like counselling?

No, this is not counselling. Your Liebuster will not give you advice or encourage you to tell your life story. This is a spiritual conversation where God will gently lead you to the roots of oppression, deal with them and bring you true and lasting freedom. This is a guided spiritual encounter with God.


Do I need to be a Christian?

Have you heard the words, “the truth will set you free”? Jesus spoke these words and he also said, “I am the way the truth and the life”. So if you are truly hungry for freedom and your heart is open to Jesus, great, but no, you don’t need to be a Christian or become one, we just want you to be free and this works because God’s love is for everyone!


What if I can’t hear from God?

You were made for conversation with God. It’s natural that many of us are not used to hearing, seeing or sensing him. This is where your chosen Liebuster can help you. Be open, relaxed and hungry for freedom, and as you become more free, your connection with God will get clearer and stronger.


How many Liebust sessions do I need?

It’s likely that the more Liebust session you have, the more freedom you will receive. If you feel you need more, you can book more OR you can train to become a Liebuster where you will receive Liebust session as part of your training. You will then be able to Liebust yourself and others too if you wish.


How do I implement what I receive during in a Liebust session?

If you’ve received one or more Liebust sessions, you may benefit from coaching to help you to implement the truths and revelation you’ve received.


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