At Life Essence we realise there’s a need to have a holistic approach to your well-being ranging from family matters to housing, all of which may impact your mental health.  Our goal is to ensure that you are aware of the benefits to having good mental well-being. Here you are given access to tools ensuring you’re well informed and equipped to behave, feel and think in a positive way.  We realise this is not a task easily accomplished when you may have faced abuse, bereavement or neglect and the impact this may have in your daily life. These are normal, yes, NORMAL emotions to process. Gone are the days when we pretend we are not experiencing these natural occurrences or at worse don’t have empathy for those who are in despair. To make things clearer, we will be exploring agencies that provide practical support in a number of topics from Addictions to Trauma.  In addition, it’s our aim for you to envisage how God too, wants you to live a fully functioning life…NOW!

Our Counsellor/Psychotherapists are motivated to supporting individuals to live a fully functioning life, by gaining an understanding of how to recognise and work through mental health symptoms.

That may be preventing themselves and those within your community; by having a positive outlook on their mental well-being.

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