fear-LESS: Episode 1.

  Welcome to a new three-part series titled “fear-LESS”. The purpose of the series is to help us to become less fearfull of situations. Each episode will feature character (s) taken from the Bible where this point will be illustrated and some principles will be shared. When I decided on the title to this seriesContinue reading “fear-LESS: Episode 1.”

Stay In Your Lane, Know His Lane!: Episode 2.

Welcome! we are continuing in our new series “Stay In Your Lane: Know His Lane!, helping us in recognizing that plans we set also need to be linked to those of our heavenly father. Just to recap in the opening episode we focused on Abraham, who was comfortable in his lane, living with his familyContinue reading “Stay In Your Lane, Know His Lane!: Episode 2.”

Stay In Your Lane,Know His Lane! :Episode 1.

Welcome to our new series, being told to “stay in your lane”! or choosing to depend on the context it could be perceived as either being negative, restrictive or protective. Let me unpack this with a couple of examples. Your driving to your destination in your lane when suddenly a vehicle has cut in frontContinue reading “Stay In Your Lane,Know His Lane! :Episode 1.”


  RELATIONSHIP GOALS Ahh, just the title alone can scare any commitment phobe away – ‘’relationship, me? No, I’m far too young and carefree’’ or the typical ‘’I’m just not ready to be tied down, I have so much more living to do and so many things to see’’. Those are just a few ofContinue reading “RELATIONSHIP GOALS❤ PT 1”

” Its Time Now”! : Episode 3

We have reached the final episode in our current series “It’s time now”! where we have been looking at examples of where someone has been preparing a person for a task. Over the last two episodes, I have highlighted some principles taken from examples within the Bible. Today’s featured characters I believe we can trulyContinue reading “” Its Time Now”! : Episode 3″