Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤

We are so honoured to being Life Essence Christmas Special, written by a great man of God Reverend David Shosanya. Enjoy LE Family 😊 ‘I started writing this blog in Jerusalem, Israel, the historical birthplace of Jesus. I was on a 10 day pilgrimage from Tiberias to Jerusalem via Bethlehem.I have a theology degree andContinue reading “Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤”

Single and Waiting a Soul Mate Kind of Love

SO now the Christmas and New Year Season is over, and we say….. HELLO FEBRUARY which brings the next special occasion, with all the lights, glitter and then the build-up to that all “important” world Valentines Day. The over marketing and couples posting their “loved” up photos can for some of us, highlight the factContinue reading “Single and Waiting a Soul Mate Kind of Love”

Praying Scriptures for True Joy

    Is Jesus truly our joy? Are we looking in all the wrong places to find joy? Have we learned that true contentment, peace and joy come from no other and from nowhere other than Jesus? Even after knowing this we still keep slipping back into old behaviour patterns, worldly thoughts and seeking joy inContinue reading “Praying Scriptures for True Joy”

Scripture’s for Giving Thanks-ARE YOU GRATEFUL

Have you ever notice that Grateful people are Happy people? Everyday we face challenges that can derail us, change our moods or mind sets. One thing we need to remember, is that we do have a choice in how we respond. We can choose to be people who complain or we can Choose to beContinue reading “Scripture’s for Giving Thanks-ARE YOU GRATEFUL”

Scriptures for Our Homes- 29 Daily Scriptures

  God Bless Our Homes: You often see in the movies the vicar/priest going around the house and praying in new homes or houses where there have been horrific events. Even if our house is not new or there has been know event, praying for our homes and those that live in it can onlyContinue reading “Scriptures for Our Homes- 29 Daily Scriptures”

Scriptures For The Brokenhearted

Scriptures for Broken Hearts Did you know that the book of Psalms is to prayed and not particularly to preached ? Have you read the book of Psalms? the entire book is the perfect book for times of trouble, struggles, heartbreak and fear. Psalm 34 by far is one of my go to Psalms, whenContinue reading “Scriptures For The Brokenhearted”

The Battle-Spiritual Warfare Scriptures

Welcome back, I hope you are all well and in Good spirit. For this post I will be briefly touching spiritual warfare,  Like me if you’re a believer in God who is living like salt and light in a dark world, whether your running ministry, evangelising, teaching or preaching you will not go for longContinue reading “The Battle-Spiritual Warfare Scriptures”

Scripture’s for when you are waiting upon God

Waiting on God. waititng on God is one of the hardest things do and it doesn’t sound exciting, does it? To begin waiting? To continue waiting? and more waiting….. We hate waiting, well I will be honest and say  I really do not like waiting!  Waiting in lines, my goodness… I have on occassions filledContinue reading “Scripture’s for when you are waiting upon God”