December Script-Time: Strong, Firm an Steadfast

1st DECEMBER 2019 As we come to the end of the year, we start to reflect on the time that has just pasted. The highs, the lows and all the trials and tribulations we have gone through. All the goals and plans we made for this year, some that have come to fruition and thoseContinue reading “December Script-Time: Strong, Firm an Steadfast”

November Script-Time:Gracefully Broken

Hey LE Family, today we are very lightly looking at disappointments, how we deal with the emotions that are attached to being let down or disappointed. I am pretty sure that those of you reading this, have either been through, come out off or going through something that is/has caused you pain. I too, likeContinue reading “November Script-Time:Gracefully Broken”

October Script-Time: Shed the leaves 🍁🍂🍁

Autumn is upon us and the leaves of the trees are turning various shades of brown and yellow, as they begin fall on the wet ground. I’m here looking out the window wondering if its time for us, to start shedding some leaves of our own! What leaves are you going to allow to fallContinue reading “October Script-Time: Shed the leaves 🍁🍂🍁”

September Script-Time: The door of temptation!

Hey LE Family, we are in the final leg of 2019. It’s been a really busy time at life essence with a lot of behind the scenes work, that we can hopefully share with you soon. I feel someone needs to  hear this; Sometimes it is important to recognise that not everything you do isContinue reading “September Script-Time: The door of temptation!”

August Script-Time:The power is within you!

Welcome back, is it me or is this year really flying by? August is here! I hope you were blessed by last months scripture, and are already thinking and applying your gifts. Impacting the world and those around you. Sometimes it can be scary to step out and do something new, even if that isContinue reading “August Script-Time:The power is within you!”

July Script-Time: How are you using your Gift

July is here and finally we have some sun, I’m feeling ever so thankful and grateful as I sit lapping up the natural vitamin D whilst writing this month’s Script-Time. Let’s pray that the good weather last, there is nothing like some sunshine, to keep us motivated and feeling good, whilst we are doing good.Continue reading “July Script-Time: How are you using your Gift”

June Script-Time: Fill me up!

Yes its that time again welcome to June’s monthly Script-Time, I am feeling extremely exited about this months script-time. We will be changing the format of how we will be reading, praying and connecting with the passages, to help enhance our spirituality and to hear from God. For those that are part of the LEContinue reading “June Script-Time: Fill me up!”

May Script-Time: Obedience and Purpose

Welcome to this months Script-Time, can you believe May is here already and we are almost half way through the year.  I personally love this month,  it is  the month after Jesus died and rose from the dead.  It is the beginning of the events leading up to Pentecost, where Jesus returns to heaven andContinue reading “May Script-Time: Obedience and Purpose”

April Scripture Time : A Change of Clothes Jeshua.

Welcome  to April LE Family, how quickly is this year going?  we are approaching one of the most significant events in Christianity, the Easter season ‘death, burial and resurrection’. This is a time where we reflect on the many things Jesus had to experience to set us free, lets look at Zechariah 3 vs 3-5.Continue reading “April Scripture Time : A Change of Clothes Jeshua.”

March Script-Time: Guidance And A New Beginning.

Welcome back to March Script-Time- If you missed Last months Wisdom and Understanding please do go back and have a read! This month’s verses are taken from the old testament and from the book Hosea. Hosea’s, the name means salvation and he was a prophet. Hosea was a spokesperson who God had appointed to speakContinue reading “March Script-Time: Guidance And A New Beginning.”