February Script Time: Wisdom and Understanding.

Welcome back, can you believe that it January is over? Last month we looked at Jabez Prayer of Hope, I have spoken with a few of you who were blessed by the blog. Which makes us really smile at Life Essence, so keep your testimonies coming in 🙂 Right Lets get to it….FEBRUARY HEAR WEContinue reading “February Script Time: Wisdom and Understanding.”

New Years Day Script Time: The Jabez Prayer of Hope.

Happy New year and Welcome Back Lets talk about beginnings, as a new year arrives this can be a period of reflection over how the last twelve months have been, alongside looking forward to what is ahead of us. Scripture: 9 Jabez was a very good man, who was better than his brothers. His motherContinue reading “New Years Day Script Time: The Jabez Prayer of Hope.”