Get a place to stay if you’re homeless and on the streets

YouSpeak to a Shelter adviser Contact a Shelter adviser online or by phone Our expert advisers will: check if you qualify for emergency housing from the council look at other emergency options for you tell you about local services that may help further How to get into a hostel or nightshelter You’ll need a referral toContinue reading “Get a place to stay if you’re homeless and on the streets”

Healthcare when homeless

Get help from a doctor, nurse, dentist or optician if you’re homeless. Get healthcare You can get healthcare from: day centres specialist medical centres Some day centres have visiting doctors, nurses, dentists and opticians. Find out if there is one near you through The Pavement. There are specialist medical centres for people sleeping in hostels orContinue reading “Healthcare when homeless”

Supportive Organisations: Addiction, bereavement, separation and depression

 There are times in life were we go through situations and circumstances, that can stretch you emotionally, physically and mentally. whether your suffering from addiction, domestic violence or depression. We at life essence UK understand this and how hard it can be to reach out and get the support you you need. we have putContinue reading “Supportive Organisations: Addiction, bereavement, separation and depression”

Eviction if you are sent to prison

Eviction if you are sent to prison What you can do if your landlord tries to evict you while you are in prison. Reasons you can be evicted If you have been sent to prison, you could be at risk of losing your home. Your landlord may try to evict you if it appears thatContinue reading “Eviction if you are sent to prison”

Council and housing association tenants: eviction for rent arrears

Councils and housing associations must try and help you deal with rent arrears before starting court action to evict you for rent arrears. If you have rent arrears Councils and housing associations should only use eviction for rent arrears as a last resort. They have to give you notice and get a court order. Court rules calledContinue reading “Council and housing association tenants: eviction for rent arrears”