Eye Kandy

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all you ‘Singletons’ out there doing it for yourselves! Doing what? Living in the moment – Whoop whoop whoop! I’m a ‘Daddy’s gurl’ (spiritually) n all the benefits that comes with Him I’m gonna enjoy it by being in the moment. I owe it to myself n I’m no longer apologeticContinue reading “Eye Kandy”

Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤

We are so honoured to being Life Essence Christmas Special, written by a great man of God Reverend David Shosanya. Enjoy LE Family 😊 ‘I started writing this blog in Jerusalem, Israel, the historical birthplace of Jesus. I was on a 10 day pilgrimage from Tiberias to Jerusalem via Bethlehem.I have a theology degree andContinue reading “Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤”

Interested in Blogging? Then come and join the LE team!

Life Essence believes in reaching people from every background, race, religion, age or sex. To show how Jesus loves us all and to break the stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian in today’s world Do you have a passion for writing and have a love for Christ ? Do you see yourContinue reading “Interested in Blogging? Then come and join the LE team!”

Battle Scars- Testimony hour Addiction and Recovery. Podcast & ft Blog

A massive thank you to Hazel who meet with me to share her truth of addiction and recovery with us, Hazel shares her darkest moments when she was addicted to alcohol. Find out how Jesus was her road to recovery by reading her blog and listening to her story   I’ve been through a tough timeContinue reading “Battle Scars- Testimony hour Addiction and Recovery. Podcast & ft Blog”

Evolve wellness & being Services

  Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson runs her business EVOLVE WELLNESS and BEING; she is a Local Baby Massage instructor, Parenting coach, and Life Coach, She has a passion for children and families. Kelleligh LOVES to see people grow and be the best version of themselves, here is a brief view of services: Life Coaching   Motivational Life Coaching-Enabling youContinue reading “Evolve wellness & being Services”

Supportive Organisations: Addiction, bereavement, separation and depression

 There are times in life were we go through situations and circumstances, that can stretch you emotionally, physically and mentally. whether your suffering from addiction, domestic violence or depression. We at life essence UK understand this and how hard it can be to reach out and get the support you you need. we have putContinue reading “Supportive Organisations: Addiction, bereavement, separation and depression”

Eviction if you are sent to prison

Eviction if you are sent to prison What you can do if your landlord tries to evict you while you are in prison. Reasons you can be evicted If you have been sent to prison, you could be at risk of losing your home. Your landlord may try to evict you if it appears thatContinue reading “Eviction if you are sent to prison”