Style Principles Topic: New Year, New Look

Ok, before we go any further let’s address the elephant in the room, ‘weight’ for it – I don’t know about you but ah did yam nuff food over the Christmas n NY. Had to do the belt ting #loosen. I’m in a minority group of women that my DNA allows me to carry itContinue reading “Style Principles Topic: New Year, New Look”

Style Principles Topic: Say Yes to the dress

  Style Principles Topic Say Yes to the dress Congratulations – its official folks he asked n she said YES. Project Wedding Dress is on! Here’s a  very quick history lesson back in the mid-19th century white was the colour of mourning until my gurl Queen Victoria went rouge n she wore white when sheContinue reading “Style Principles Topic: Say Yes to the dress”

Style Principles Topic Baby its cold outside

Style Principles Topic Baby its cold outside Wow wee 2019 as kicked off and it’s all about covering up in style – Yeah you heard right style. Listen why should the cold weather have all the fun? The Clearance (aka sale) is still on. Yeah. I know #itsemotionalbabe. Have you ever played ‘kissed chase’ withContinue reading “Style Principles Topic Baby its cold outside”

Style Principles-Topic Return of the MAC

Style Principles Topic Return of the MAC Can I just put it out there last year yeah, I became the proud owner of this sequined rain mac (see photo). Seriously, I’ve yet to come across a rain mac that can make me drool with excitement and this photo doesn’t even do it enough justice.  Continue reading “Style Principles-Topic Return of the MAC”

Style Principles-Topic Shades of Colour

Style Principles Topic Shades of Colour Who said miracles never happen? Well I’m back! Now that’s worth celebrating oh yeaaaaah alriiiiight hallelujah. Fanfare people fanfare whoop whoop whoop! It’s a Kool and the Gang sing-a-long moment “Celebrate good times come on”. Oh my dayz not only will Brexit soon be here but Christmas is onContinue reading “Style Principles-Topic Shades of Colour”

Style Principles By Queen of Chaydes

Topic Compliments One afternoon seated in my boudoir in my favourite dressing gown – not just any dressing gown this is a M&S luxury dressing gown with a hood oh yeah! With the Autumn sun streaming through the shutters has I set to work on my very first Style Principles blog for LE. Please GodContinue reading “Style Principles By Queen of Chaydes”

Fashion Tips For Petite Ladies

Regular petite size clothing is designed to fit ladies with typically a hundred and sixty-centimeter height (5ft 3 in) and below. While there exist lots of ladies who possess such heights, it is quite unfortunate to note that in fashion, regular female sized clothes are designed for women with at least a hundred and sixty-fiveContinue reading “Fashion Tips For Petite Ladies”