Eye Kandy

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all you ‘Singletons’ out there doing it for yourselves! Doing what? Living in the moment – Whoop whoop whoop! I’m a ‘Daddy’s gurl’ (spiritually) n all the benefits that comes with Him I’m gonna enjoy it by being in the moment. I owe it to myself n I’m no longer apologeticContinue reading “Eye Kandy”

Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤

We are so honoured to being Life Essence Christmas Special, written by a great man of God Reverend David Shosanya. Enjoy LE Family 😊 ‘I started writing this blog in Jerusalem, Israel, the historical birthplace of Jesus. I was on a 10 day pilgrimage from Tiberias to Jerusalem via Bethlehem.I have a theology degree andContinue reading “Walking, Talking & Living The Christmas Story 🖤”

Interested in Blogging? Then come and join the LE team!

Life Essence believes in reaching people from every background, race, religion, age or sex. To show how Jesus loves us all and to break the stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian in today’s world Do you have a passion for writing and have a love for Christ ? Do you see yourContinue reading “Interested in Blogging? Then come and join the LE team!”

A Heart Transplant A WATER LILY

I dip. I rise. I see the world through new eyes. I broke my own heart that day without even knowing it.  The repercussions followed and the usual symptoms of burning chest pains, overwhelming sadness, guilt and regret washed over me like crashing waves of doom.  I did it again.  Without a set plan or purposed intentionContinue reading “A Heart Transplant A WATER LILY”

Desire meets a new gift

Gifts, we all love them right? Hmm maybe not. I’m sorta on the journey to loving mine. Wait. You’re confused? Let me rewind <— See when I say gifts I mean our internal power. God creates us with purpose and provides us with individual gifts to help meet our purpose. In the bible [Exodus 35:35Continue reading “Desire meets a new gift”

Style Principles-Topic Shades of Colour

Style Principles Topic Shades of Colour Who said miracles never happen? Well I’m back! Now that’s worth celebrating oh yeaaaaah alriiiiight hallelujah. Fanfare people fanfare whoop whoop whoop! It’s a Kool and the Gang sing-a-long moment “Celebrate good times come on”. Oh my dayz not only will Brexit soon be here but Christmas is onContinue reading “Style Principles-Topic Shades of Colour”

Style Principles By Queen of Chaydes

Topic Compliments One afternoon seated in my boudoir in my favourite dressing gown – not just any dressing gown this is a M&S luxury dressing gown with a hood oh yeah! With the Autumn sun streaming through the shutters has I set to work on my very first Style Principles blog for LE. Please GodContinue reading “Style Principles By Queen of Chaydes”


INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL TRUTH   “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) I don’t know about you but I AM TIRED of being displaying two faces.  On the outside, everything appears to be fine but on the inside am bleeding internally and it HURTS! You see where IContinue reading “INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL TRUTH-Part 1”