Ok, b4 Jesus ascended up into Heaven, He gave mankind one last gift His ‘peace’ #shhh! Which got me thinking! Wait ah minute, my Jesus ain’t hailing ah cab not ah Uber insight – He’s riding ah cloud-mobile – Home James. Now of all the things God could have left – Why ‘peace’? Drilling downContinue reading “Shhh!”


HOW ARE YOU REALLY? Truth, what does that mean for you? According to Google’s dictionary truth is “a fact or belief that is accepted as true”. I know you must be asking yourself what is she on! Wait, I’ll tell you, so bear with me if you will. With the most popular word being discussedContinue reading “HOW ARE YOU REALLY”

Exchange costs Sacrifice

The Greatest Story ever told is one I can never get bored with.  Each year congregations all over the world are looking to Pastors, Vicars, Priests and all religious outlets to re-tell this amazing event. How Jesus exchanged His heavenly glory to become a man to ultimately sacrifice Himself for us all is just amazing. Continue reading “Exchange costs Sacrifice”


Staying home is the new going out! #lockdown n IF it’s gonna protect the NHS n save lives that’s what I’m gonna do. Maya Angelou wrote “IF you don’t like someting change it, IF you can’t change it, change your mindset”. Well said. Now my indoor attire has always been relaxed, nah, I don’t doContinue reading “P.P.E.”


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