Black Panther Movie Review

LOVED LOVED LOVED- this film is a must see!!!! Warriors both male and female fight for control of a vividly rendered African kingdom in this handsome superhero epic, tastefully put together. Even if your not into comic’s or Marvel films this was totally awesome!!!!…. Is Black Panther Really A Masterpiece? Really, is Black Panther a masterpiece?Continue reading “Black Panther Movie Review”

It’s A Different kind of Love

What is different ? Well we oftentimes hear people talk about showing love to others.  They say that all we need is love (hmmm…sounds like a song).  Many people believe they know what love is when they are really only living by certain feelings that they call ‘love’.  Everyone wants to be loved and most people wantContinue reading “It’s A Different kind of Love”

Book Review- Purpose Awakening by Toure Roberts

Review Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth by Touré Roberts PURPOSE AWAKENING, the breakout book of international speaker Touré Roberts, is about that transformational moment when you are awakened to the purpose of your life. Your life began with a brilliant thought in God’s mind. Your purpose, therefore, is the awakening to that thought.Continue reading “Book Review- Purpose Awakening by Toure Roberts”

Engaging children with prayer

Choose Age-Appropriate Prayers Try to keep the words and subjects appropriate to your child’s age level so younger kids won’t be scared by serious situations. Prayers for a good day at school, for pets, for friends, family members, and local and world events are perfect ideas for kids of any age. Show children that thereContinue reading “Engaging children with prayer”

11 Songs That Will Always Make Your Smile

The Christian music industry has evolved over the years, yet each piece, from the classics to the contemporary grips the soul each time they are listened to. The best Christian music artists know how to call on the Holy Spirit with slow tunes as well as with the raps. The list below comprises 10 differentContinue reading “11 Songs That Will Always Make Your Smile”