Our supported accommodation is characterised by offering single women, pregnant women and young families, who are fleeing domestic violence that need a safe home. 

Whilst providing general and parenting guidance, mentoring and support to move forward positively in your lives and create positive outcomes for the lives of your children.  

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We offer workshops to single women who live within the Housing Project and those are no longer living with Domestic Violence, but are still suffering from the effects of the violence committed towards them.

The aim is to rebuild confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and building healthy relationships.

As part of the programme, families would receive 121 support from key workers and 121/ group counselling sessions from our trained counsellor and psychotherapist.

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We understand the importance of moving on support and aftercare!

Our service incorporates moving on support and aftercare as part of the interventions and support when leaving the residential home.

We will fully support you make you feel ready to head back into the community with independence.

Drawing on theoretical perspectives, research, and social work knowledge, we have created an ongoing package of aftercare for when you embark upon your new

So please do not be dismayed! We recognise the need for help with big life changes and are here to provide unique and personalised moving on support for all individuals.

With us you are never alone!

We accept both housing benefit and social services referrals, as well as self-referrals, services for you will be assessed on level of need and funding options. 

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