Muddiest Fundraiser

We Done IT


We urgently need your support for us to continue making Life Essence Housing and Support Work. We have a team of willing (and some not so willing;-)) people taking on this muddy obstacle course 15th May 2022 We will be coming together as one body, to wade through the mud for the women we are supporting. Click here to donate

Unplugged Sisterhood-Unplugged in the mud

Joining the team is our very own Life Essence, Unplugged-Sisterhood Women’s Ministry. Which is an active women’s ministry, ministering to women’s unique needs by purposely supporting, training and equipping women within their journey with Christ and for service within their local churches and community. Ensuring that every woman within the ministry finds her true calling in Christ. Click here to donate


We are blessed enough to have expert videographer Mark Jenner who has kindly volunteered his time to support this cause. We love when men come alongside us women and support us towards change! You can contact Mark Jenner



Please join us! With your donation, we’re able to continue to provide a warm loving supported housing environment for women to thrive in!

We greatly appreciate your support and donation, your gift will be used to decorate and furnish the supported living environment for the women and provide them with ‘welcome gift hampers’ which include their own bedding, toiletries and goodies.

If you wish to contribute, please donate via go-fund or email us at [email redacted] and visit Life Essence Housing and Support for more information.

You are welcome to join us! Email us at

(Team member bookings close on 7th March)


if you’d prefer to just watch us getting muddy, then please donate to our cause. We promise to show you some amazingly muddy pics and videos all documented by our wonderful videographer Mark Jenner who has kindly volunteered his time to support this cause.

Thank you and may God bless you.

GoFundMe page


click here to donate

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