Quiet lips = Busy minds

Ok, b4 Jesus ascended up into Heaven, He gave mankind one last gift His ‘peace’ #shhh! Which got me thinking! Wait ah minute, my Jesus ain’t hailing ah cab not ah Uber insight – He’s riding ah cloud-mobile – Home James. Now of all the things God could have left – Why ‘peace’?

Drilling down – Everywhere we use to go (bwoy, we could be here ALL night singing Barbara Streisand version of The Way We Were – Memories, light the corner of my mind…) there was noise! Let’s face it, it was  everywhere – workplace (ah mean how many non-smoking breaks can ah gurl have?), libraries, hospitals, restaurants, buses, trains, trams, overground, underground, shops, cinemas, parks, street etc. Everybody was just rushing to get here there n everywhere. N IF we’re not rushing we’re posting n IF your not posting we’re streaming n IF we’re not streaming we’re WhatsApping n IF we’re not checking our messages we’re planning our next tik tok (I suppose it’s better than being ticked off) then somewhere in the mix we’re gardening, painting, decluttering, cleaning, shopping, cooking up ah storm n sleeping Zzz or not.  Recognise any of these tings – side eyes.

GP meaning God’s Property. God is an investor in ppl n He’s looking for ah return on His investment aka you.  IF, you don’t already know this is your MOT of your faith, finances, health, skills – you name it, it’s all coming under the spotlight n there’s nowhere to hide!

The common thread in ALL this is YOUR REALationship with God during this lockdown, is your foundation sure? Only you can answer dat one. That’s where your ‘peace’ in all this madness lies.

Word Up – IF you don’t know the Word for yourself you’ll struggle in a crisis. Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God. Listen the devil believes in God that’s why he’s all up ina your business. He believes what God has said about each of us – hello destiny’s child. We that believe in THE LIVING GOD are ahead of the game n it’s down to the individual to pursue God coz IF we do He promises to keep us in perfect ‘peace’ IF our mind is stayed on Him. I’ve not always passed my spiritual MOT the first time when I’d gotten over the initial shock of failing. Ok not quite 70×7 but as my Aunty would say “Fix up yourself”.

Handbook – now any decent company will issue their employees with ah hard copy or direct you to their electronic version. You need to know where it lives or where to find it coz when tings kick off you’re gonna need to know your rights aka T&C that you signed up too. Likewise we need to know where our Bible is n when the rubber hits the road where to find direction, promises, T&C attached in scriptures. There’s no such ting as ‘pick n mix’ when it comes to the Word of God. There are four gospels; Jesus ain’t recruiting for a fifth, dat boat was never built nor sailed – some ppl are just too bright for their own gud.

Listen being broke ain’t easy n you’re gonna need to tek tings in hand. No I’m not endorsing robbing ah bank just coz your face tie up n you’ll no longer stand out in a crowd – but I would encourage getting practical money advice.

This is not ah time to shy away from the light, IF tings bad take this time to fix it, Google IF you have to. ‘Peace’ is priceless you can’t buy it but you sure can protect it once you posses it.

Say Arrh – Death n life is in the power of the tongue n they which love it shall eat the fruits thereof. As my Aunty would say, “Shut your mout” IF you don’t have anyting gud to say even about/too yourself. Shhh!

B4 you can act like you know, dat you know, speak like you know, dat you know, live like you know, dat you know we’ve gotta be honest with where you’re at in our walk wid God by applying what we know ‘faith it’. SO get ready get ready yeah for your change to come. IF you can thrive in the darkness you’ll thrive wherever, the chips may fall. As for me, I ain’t come dis far too only come dis far. SO hope your can join me.

Lockdown shouldn’t mean noting ah gwarn, we’re not science lead we’re Spirit lead – don’t it! The ‘peace’ of God is for such ah time like dis. SO knock yourself out n claim your free gift #peace.

The Bible teaches us it is better to give than to receive n as my Aunty would say loud n proud “Tank you Jesus”.  Here are just some of Tab’s finest or in collaboration:-

  • Tab@Home(Facebook/YouTube)
  • Bounce Life providing Financial MOT
  • Send your prayer request(s) to
  • IF you are genuinely alone n in need of prayer call/text M:07990 282 808
  • CAP Christians Against Poverty @ (incl. none Christians)  
  • LE Life Essence – Real life topics, discussions n reflections from a Christian perspective @ 
  • Fitness LeeChang Fitness Training (Instagram)
  • Foodbank Tuesday 12noon-2pm
  • Cook up
  • Michelle Raymond HR & Business Growth Specialist (Facebook)
  • Michelle Kaine Mindshift & Empowerment Coaching (Facebook)
  • Carole Litchmore First Principles Advisory Ltd Business Plans, Reports, Proposals (Facebook)
  • Donations 1Milli (see Tab social platforms)

Stay Saved, Protect your MHS Mind Heart Spirit n Save Lives by sharing this message.  Stay connected.


Sista Hood

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