Improvisation, that’s one way of putting it.

Staying home is the new going out! #lockdown n IF it’s gonna protect the NHS n save lives that’s what I’m gonna do. Maya Angelou wrote “IF you don’t like someting change it, IF you can’t change it, change your mindset”. Well said.

Now my indoor attire has always been relaxed, nah, I don’t do lounge wear let alone tracksuits but neither am I running around butt naked, somewhere in betw depending on the weather, it’s ah seasonal ting. I ain’t buying NO lounge clothes. IF you’ve got lounge clothes, you go ahead n lounge away. For your well-being do what it is to get you thru.  

Protective face masks n gloves have become the new accessories n even in these ‘move fram me’ times you can  colour co-ordinated, your mask n gloves – hello somebody n as my Aunty would say “Mi dear”. Trust me, fashion get’s everywhere! Darth Vader is living breathing n walking on ah High Street near you, well 2m away.

Trust me, not ah high heel in sight, sliders n trainers are the new go too. Bambi comes to mind when I eventually, do get back into my heels, I just may need to walk with my vex shoes until I’ve mastered my catwalk. I suppose practice does mek perfect n I’ll be able to strut my stuff.

Now when it comes to clothing let’s dip into the spiritual closet during this unprecedented time, it really is all the rage to have your complete attire on: helmet, breastplate, belt, shoes, shield n sword #dress2kill. Crimes against style has been suspended until a later date.

From the off Daddy in Heaven has dress sense n we ain’t seen Him in His full glory yet!. The first time He came to earth it was more causal looking low key but gud quality coz you know how ppl stay they’d be clocking the name brand (Jesus only) He’s sporting.  Clothing was secondary to His ministry obviously.

The Adams family aka Adam n Eve had their own clothing line (A&E) designed none other than God Himself. Then you have the ‘garment of praise ‘ no need for dry cleaning it’s already washed in the Blood of the lamb. This is one of those garments that never looks outdated n worth investing in. It suits you babe.

When it comes to ‘vintage’ clothing the Jews win hands down. Having your clothes grow wid you, gives ah whole new meaning to travelling light, don’t it. Imagine IF mankind never fell we’d have no use for the fashion industry, no need for walk-in closets n retail therapy wouldn’t exist – side eyes.

The best spiritual accessory you have in your arsenal is prayer. Having a prayer closet is a must for every Christ follower. You may even have your sackcloth n a pot of dirt to throw pon your head.  For those of you ina your grave clothes my request is this, that God will call you by your name n raise you from your dead places #Lazaruscomeforth. Like the Prodigal son, came to his senses n returned to his Father’s yard, even him Daddy know say, he weren’t dressed right. Remember back in the dayz when your parents just use to look pon you n thy would utter those all to familiar words “You nah wear dat”. SO, to save all the bangerang you’d change at your friends.

With most shops lockdown, shutdown n nailed down we have to be creative coz Barber shop shut fam n the afro n canerows are meking a BIG comeback temporarily. You best YouTube how to fix dat weave or just tek it out n know how to wrap your head, for real. Time to give your nails that breather. Self service is back on the menu. You may have to learn new skills or line up outside Superdrugs. Listen God don’t want to see your crusty foot bottoms when He done provide mankind wid cream.

Don’t panic! There are SO many creative ideas from the crown of your head right down to your tootsies. You have no excuses, you got time unless your part of the front-line n volunteering crew or unless your going for dat John the Baptist or I’ve just rolled out of bed kinda look. 

Barbers, Hairdressers, Nail techs will experience ah road block ting once this social distancing n lockdown has been lifted.

Rather dan repeat myself it’s ah gud time to revisit some of my previous blogs which are appropriate i.e. B2B (Back 2 Basics) n Ta Dah.


Queen ‘C’

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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