3 tips-lockdown enthusiasts

Hello LE family, here we have another 3 tips for you to maintain the unusual relationship we’re having with quarantine.

Here the Mirror Newspaper lists some of the best streaming services who are offering deals during the quarantine

The Institute of Well-being is an organisation addressing and support on in a holistic way
=the institution of wellbeing

Here you can explain to children why we’re having to stay indoors in an animated and fun way.

animated videoAnimated Video
This age appropriate, short animation helps you to explain Coronavirus to young people. 
Story Book Story Book
This story book supports literacy while helping young people to understand social distancing. 
Activity BookActivity
There’s a-lot of information for children to take in. This resource helps you support their emotional health and tackle misinformation.


As a bonus I want to share how companies are also realising the impact this Lockdown is currently having on our mental well-being that they have relaxed data restrictions on our devices.

Broadband firms agree to remove data caps cityam

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