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Footloose – I recently scuffed another pair of shoes so instead of giving it away to Charity, I thought I’d do my research as to how to salvage these shoes. Now I could just easily patch it up with black nail varnish. Now that’s fine but I’m looking for a lickle more. Meet my new bff Google to remedy this challenge – watch this space I’m about to take it to the bridge!

Now every stiletto heels owner should consider investing in instant heel caps. The amount of times my heels have been a victim of the cracks betw the pavements. It also tek the shame out your eyes when your clicking down the Street coz your heels are in dire need of heeling not healing!

Everyting’s gonna be all whites – put it this way your staple laundry needs to includes Vanish. The amount of garments this has saved me from demoting but IF you want to go old skool or organic white vinegar copy n paste this link

These shoes were made for walking n to  eleminate foot ordours place dry tea bags, cat litter, spraying a lickle dry shampoo inside the culprit, peppermint counteracts unsavoury aromas. You can also find feet care products on the High Street within your budget.

MHS (My Handbag Spa) – How many of us actually clean our handbags: the lining, the handles, the bag itself or even keep them covered/protected when not in use. For those of you snackers take out your nozzel n hoover #crumbs.

Honestly the amount of germs one handbag must harbour it should be under quarantine. Word of caution do your research b4 starting this process! IF you get it wrong don’t call my name – nah for real.

Nail it – This is for those homies that do their own nails but useful to those nail salon connoisseurs out there too. Now my nails are like Teflon n they don’t break easily so when they do I’ve had to invest in my arsenal false nails to act as a barrier trust me it’s painful when they break so low exposing the tips.

A workman once said to me I shouldn’t have long nails on both hands – Yes he’s still alive somewhere in the world! But I did remind him it wasn’t me that walked down the aisle n said “I do” it was his wife – side eyes.

Two for the price of one – IF you suffer with sore/puffy eyes when making a cuppa keep the used tea bags – once cooled (or keep refrigerated until later) apply to eyes. Likewise cucumber slice n apply. I would like to point out the obvious you won’t be able to cook/drive or mow the lawn during this time. Tip: Rotate the bags until you get the results or you tired then bin!

Seal it – when it comes to all kinds of costume jewellery to maintain it’s colour paint it with clear vanish. You may need to invest in a sheet of grease proof paper to prevent sticking to the surface while drying.

Is it just me yeah or have you noticed the clothes conditioner now-a-days don’t seem to hold its fragrance for more than a few hours. A quick remedy is spraying your favourite perfume on tissue paper/cotton balls once dried place in your dresser draws n place clothing on top.

Would you Adam n Eve it, this should delight you coffee connoisseur  out there coffee beans absorbed  smells (great for shoe cupboards. Fill a jar with purforated holes n place in closet/drawer. Tip: remember to change the beans. Not forgetting you’ve got the option of sachets potpourri.

Newsflash! I don’t believe it I’ve just found out I’ve been storing my braiser  all wrong for all these years! Yeah, I’ve just invert one cup into the other. You’re actually meant to store it with the cups open – Farda friend they didn’t teach this at secondary school don’t it.

There are SO many cool ideas available out there make Google your new bff n get hacking.

Listen, I’m off to source a washing brasier basket – yes there is such ah ting. As my Aunty would say “Mi dear”. Amazon/Wish here I come.


Queen of Chaydes

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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