Eye Kandy

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all you ‘Singletons’ out there doing it for yourselves! Doing what? Living in the moment – Whoop whoop whoop!

I’m a ‘Daddy’s gurl’ (spiritually) n all the benefits that comes with Him I’m gonna enjoy it by being in the moment. I owe it to myself n I’m no longer apologetic about my single status. Picking some random person off the Street n singng “It’s true. I love you. Come on come on get your loving start n grab a hold of my heart” (Donna Rhoden), isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Life is a jigsaw puzzel n you never know where you’ll find the right pieces – Ah mean, I look half decent, the other half is a work in progress – side eyes!

I look married’. I’ve been told I do but don’t ask me what that statement actually means. Does it mean I look loved up? Or does it mean I look like I’m getting ah lickle someting? I mean I’ve never heard someone say “You look divorced” b4.

Valentine’s day has hi-jacked this manufactured ‘love thang’, I  pity you IF you don’t like the colour red n God help you IF you don’t possess a romantic bone in your body this can pose a bit of a challenge IF your love interest is all over that.

Listen, IF you wanna be wid me don’t be doing this commerical VD aka Valentines Day ting, be ah bit creative better still wait til it’s Summer b4 getting  all up ina my love business – you get me.

Big Ben Alert! Referring to a woman’s body clock starts chimming ‘bing bong’ on the hour every hour n you feel like your having to shout over it to be heard, n every tursty man round the block can hear it. Then you find out there must be a technical hitch n you can’t turn the darn ting off! #FIRE. Listen in extreme cases dial 999 (joking obviously) n ask for the Fire Brigade n let dem hose you down. Listen every lickle helps, don’t it – lol.

When you do get married yeah, you’re given a gift, from God #sex. Hips lips n finger tips (hold me back). What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom #thisiswherethemagichappens. Someting to look forward to, I’ll say no more.

Too many of us have nicked this gift n run off wid it thinking we’ve gotten away wid it – God see n know – thank God you got saved n all your sins have been washed away – hello!

Now my eye kandy is’nt your kandy but that’s kool n even IF they were you can only be assisgned to one person at a time. But your REALationship shouldn’t be based solely on looks (even IF the man did look gud) but it helps IF there’s chemistry aka attraction. There are different types of chemistry so mind yourself coz sometime someone you don’t even like become your friend, then your love interest, then you hook up n THEN you realise shouldn’t have gone there but now you’ve got the t-shirt but you don’t need to get the mug – hello!

I’m SO complete, but I just didn’t know it. I don’t need ah man to complete me I need him to compliment me. Jesus done complete me lang time. SO whether I need your loving (Teen-Marie), IF you like it you shoulda put a ring on it (Bey), Say my name, Say my name or Independant women (Destiny’s Child), it’s all gud n right about now I’m unstoppable, blessed up n won’t He do it n I’ve got a reason(s) to (smile, raise my hand n do my dance)  (courtsey of Koryn Hawthorne) mode coz this gurl is gonna shine whether I’m married or not!

Don’t be tripping! But get ready, get ready yeah, for ya change to come. Get ready, get ready, oh yeah for ya change is gonna come.

I get it, Jesus loves me, what can I say Jesus has excellent taste. I knew He would.


Sista Hood

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