Style Principles Topic: New Year, New Look

Ok, before we go any further let’s address the elephant in the room, ‘weight’ for it – I don’t know about you but ah did yam nuff food over the Christmas n NY. Had to do the belt ting #loosen. I’m in a minority group of women that my DNA allows me to carry it off n only mi n God know say my jean zip ain’t reaching it’s destination or it’s my thighs rubbing together  to mek FIRE!

Now I wish I could say it’s just a matter of popping a pill n ta dah n you look tight in all the right places. There’s no magic involved it’s gonna take work n how to work it in your favour. I know that’s not what you wanna hear but guess what it would be irresponsible of me not to say something, not one size fits all n there’s always some type of back story. You can bet there’s a strong element of PAIN/disappointment/low self-esteem/sickness/heart-break etc involved which impacts on how: you feel, see yourself that spills into what you end up wearing.

Guard your mind coz IF not the fashion n health industies will make you tink your not enough. All I will say whether you need to reduce or increase have a plan, be responsible n IF you fall off SO what, no one died – go again 70×70 n remember why your doing it, get support/help coz your worth it!

Remember mi did tell you dis, WHEN you reach your level of ‘cuteness’ ppl will fall into two camps those who will celebrate, coz your body look gud oh n then there’s those who are gonna hate on you n don’t even wanna hide it. IF you no ready for the negative reactions (esp from those that are meant 2b tight wid you) it can send you reeling in the wrong direction – so hold your line.

We’re so use to being spoon fed by the outside noise  that IF we don’t fit the mould we tend to blend into the background but it’s a beautiful thang when you shine like a diamond n others are drawn/blinded/recognise by it.

A woman is never fully dressed without confidence n a smile. P.S. throw in a great pair of shoes n we’ll call it quits, tark to Cinderella IF you don’t believe me – lol. Well it’s true. Can you imagine her kids asking “Mum how did you meet Dad?” Well ah did go out one night raving with my gurls n did lose mi shoe, your Daddy did find it n did search n find mi. None of this Facebook ting n the rest is history. Trust mi the shoes were banging. They continued to live happily ever after – lol.

Clear the decks n let’s take it to the bridge when it comes to your wardrobe.

Here’s my nod to Valentines Day – IF your into siren red shades this is a gud time to source what you need n while your at it top up on perfume/aftershave collection. Get your blessing.


Queen Chay

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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