Style Principles Topic 2020

The most wonderful time of the year aka Christmas day is done n dusted. N yes I took my own advice n I wore a black jumpsuit that would expand as I did a great impression of a beer belly! with pops of sizzling red as in lips, hips (belt) n dangling earrings.

Next year I’m seriously considering some classy PJ’s leopard print with hints of pink accessories. Yes I’m gonna be stylish n comfortable.

To wet your lip here’s a sneak preview of some of the topics on the horizon: hacks, popping style from the Windrush era, trends, necklines, naff jumpers n before you know it it’s Christmas AGAIN – lol.

Whether your in the camp “Let it snow or Will Smith Summer Summer Summer time” it’s gonna be thermals terrority we’re stepping into for the next few months (I feel your pain) n anyting can happen from snow/blizzard not forgetting rain on me (not) coz we just happen to live in a country that has four seasons, sometimes in one day but hey.

Ah BIG shout out to the LE crew for giving me this platform to creatively flow in this lane. It’s been a real blast just don’t mention WordPress – Farda friend, Jesus did weep!!!

Kicking 2019 to the currrb, bye n running into the arms of 2020 what happened in 2019 stays in 2019 – hello n IF you were ‘on it’ keep on it n IF it wasn’t such ah success after mi done tell you, you’ve got ah whole year to ‘jack it up’ so let’s get started.

Ah couldn’t start the new year without ah word from my Aunty has she gets ina the mix as she would say “Fix up yourself”.

To all you LE readers n you CA’s – Clothing Ambassindors popping style out there – the best is yet to come SO keep the car moving #journey.
Thank you n ah Happy New Year looking cuter than you did last year – hey I’m just saying – lol.

Finally, Thank you to my Heavenly Daddy, couldn’t have done this without You by my side. Love You like cook food. Don’t ya just love Him.

Queen of Chaydes
Creative Director of my Wardrobe