It’s the Season to…..

Christmas is upon us as we frantically rush around buying presents, food, food, food and more presents.  We NEED to have the house looking perfect as invites and table layouts have been arranged for family and friends to enjoy. 

I am reminded that one year my son announced he was going to be late for Christmas dinner!  I was ready to cancel Christmas as everything was planned to military precision.

It is constantly debated and argued that the 25th December is not the day of Jesus’ birth however, let us not overlook the real reason for this season was that He was born. 

The best Christmas Gift given to the world for FREE!  

As we search endless hours for the perfect gift for loved ones, are you overlooking Christ your Gift who may have been cast aside in the business of everyday life?

  I am the Lord, and there is no other;apart  from me there is no God.  I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me, Isaiah 45:5 (NIV)

This leads me to review the Nativity and the key characters involved in ensuring this miraculous event took place.  There was Mary a virgin who gave birth to Jesus, the Wise Men, and Shepherds however there is one character that had a pivotal role yet I believed was overlooked in this beautiful story… Joseph. 

Can you imagine being told that you’re going to be given the Gift of being the foster parent of Jesus Christ the Messiah?  WOW!!!  Without having any experience of being a father to draw against, Joseph didn’t even have skills as a husband when given this miraculous role.  Yet throughout scripture he had very little mention in the life of Jesus. 

Joseph took the role of parenting Jesus seriously as a

  • Provider working hard as a carpenter and imparting his skills to Jesus
  • Worshiper who was dedicated to his faith by attending all the Jewish customs with his family
  • Protector by taking baby Jesus to Egypt and frantically searching for Him at the temple

We know the outcome of Mary as Jesus left her in the hands of John, but what happened to Joseph? 

There are individuals in our community like Joseph, who may have jobs, attend church regularly and are wonderful parents but are overlooked for a plethora of reasons but not undervalued. 

We all know of someone who will be on their own this Christmas, yes you do!  There’s the widow/widower who meekly announces their children are now living abroad or busy working and don’t wish to intrude on their hardworking lives during the festive season.

While you’re thinking, here are some pointers the homeless, the vulnerable, the mentally unwell, the sick and the overlooked!  Be a gift to someone within your community TODAY!!!   Remember to familiarise yourself with these sites and contact details given below, as you ARE a gift to someone God may place in your heart or path.

I was humbled when my son disclosed that he was scheduled to be feeding the homeless on Christmas day.  Best present I had that year, knowing my son was thinking of the overlooked but not undervalued.

‘Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done’ Proverbs 19:17 (NIV)

How you can invite an overlooked but not undervalued person for Christmas this year?

Start or attend a Table Talk at your local café  –

Several charities are providing Christmas lunch, shelter and future support for the overlooked

Samaritans –

Crisis –

You can buy an extra place setting for an overlooked person by contributing at your local Foodbank through major supermarkets.

There are some schools who have set up trollies awaiting contributions from students – is your local school supporting their Foodbank, if not why not?

Encouraging children to give by purchasing items they believe a child their age would love to have this Christmas.

Love Money shows you what and how to donate to your nearest Foodbank lovemoney


Britain Get Talking –

Young People too can be of help –

LE Mental Health Awareness wishes to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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