Style Principles Topic Ta Dah!


As a young gurl growing up in the 70’s my Mum made me this bubble gum pink with white spots dress which I LOVED n I can still remember it now – brings back fond memories n of the Singer sewing machine used.

Let me ask you do you have an outfit you use to pop style in? N never wanted to grow out of it. Yeah that one!

Well, I remember my first brassier it was white with navy blue spots n a blue bow. I loved that brassier SO much I slept in it to keep my lickle darling buds of May in check. Seriously, there was no need – lol.

Now I grew up in a time where things were made to last! In some cases hand-me-downs. We already knew about recycling lang time we just didn’t have a fancy name for it. Who remembers the ‘Rag-n-bone man?

Fast forward several decades n now I’m living in an age what’s now labelled the ‘throw-away-fashion era’. N in doing so we’re created the need for ways to avoid putting clothing in the landfills: the old favourite charity shops now competing with eBay, Shpock. People now want to make ah lickle money especially IF, its name brand.

The first ever designer was God He had to create a collection for the Adam’s family coz they were butt naked. But then He took it up a notch n made an entire nation (Israelites) clothing n footwear grow with them. How cool is that having a Daddy like that? Oh yeah I have – lol.

One of my work colleague saves up n treats herself to a designer bag each year. I love that idea. I’ve got my eye on a Lulu Guinness bag. Meanwhile, I was given a white bag as a gift but the colour has turned slightly n my first reaction was to give it to charity. But guess what I’m gonna pimp it with some material #cute.

I had a light bulb moment on teaming two outfits to create a new one: mesh dress underneath a ball gown/slim fitted dress so no need for a bolero – Ta dah.

There’s a slight shift from the consumer consciously making choices on the impact that we have on the planet n moving to shopping less but buying better quality. Don’t expect the fashion industry to all jump up in favour its taking money from their pockets n keeping it in your own.

So I went on a little journey of my own to find A-listers who revamped their clothing but to my surprise who I found n who did it really well was Diana – The Princess of Wales – take a look below she took something that made her look frumpy n pimped it up – now that’s what I’m talking about. Now this is extreme but in the right hands it was SO worth it –Ta dah indeed!


Followed by Kate – Kate has been rinsing out nuff outfits – Meghan hasn’t been around long enough apart from a few hats etc.

I’m gonna have to find me a Seamstress n put it to the test!

Don’t you just hate when magazines use deliberate tricks to demonstrate what they call frumpy vs sultry. The frumpy photo: no backdrop, the belt is an over kill replace it with a statement necklace some studs, incorporate a leopard print handbag n bring on the shades. The stance n posture deliberately off! But that’s the plan.


Be inspired to look at styling through fresh eyes. Glean from what’s all around you there’s so much influence to get your creative juice flowing #enjoy #creative #flow.

CA’s what’s on your mind – what you saying?


Queen of Chaydes.

Creative Director of my Wardrobe



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