fear-LESS Episode 2.


Welcome back to the second instalment in our new series called “fear-LESS”. In the opening episode we focused on David, the Psalmist who was facing danger from those close to him and was in fear. Within the midst of his fear David was able to declare that with God’s presence in his life he would be fear-LESS regardless of his circumstances.

Fear can strike at anytime no matter who we are and no matter what our position is in life. I say this deliberately as one of the characters in this episode was a King, who received some really worrying news that his nation was on the verge of being attacked. This involved three enemies attacking him at once. Within this crisis a member of the community emerged and made a declaration to the king and to the community to not be in fear.

The two characters from the bible are King Jehoshaphat and Jahaziel and the specific story can be found within 2 Chronicles Chapter 20 verse 1-30.

In summary the king had been travelling to surrounding regions encouraging people change their lives and return to God, what we would call evangelising. He also appointed people to act as judges to ensure that there was law and order and encouraged those in positions of authority not to abuse their office.

Jehoshaphat, in my opinion was trying to do the right thing (do explore for yourself in Chapter 19). Then all of sudden he had drama and enemies emerged trouble literally arrived at his doorstep!

Has that ever happened to you? you are attempting to try and do the right things in your life then trouble arrives in a major way.

The trouble could be multiple occurring at work/ college, at home. It could be to do with your finances, a bereavement. All arriving at once, fear can engulf us. This is what happened to King Jehoshaphat,  when he received news that attacks were coming from all directions at once. He was in fear he was terrified , I would be to.

In our lives multiple troubles do occur and they can leave us in fear, so  lets look at some of the principles Jehoshaphat adopted. As well as how this led to Jahiziel, emerging from the crowd and making a bold declaration.



  • The importance of having a group of people supporting and praying alongside Jehoshaphat was key.
    Jehoshaphat entered a courtyard near a temple of the Lord where he prayed openly recognising that God has ultimate power, he was in the presence of other people. Perhaps that invitation a friend has made for you to visit their church you should accept! (Click here for benefits of a small group)


  • Jahiziel being one member of the group of people took to his feet hearing from God stated to the people

    “do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army for the battle is not yours but God’s”. extracted from 2 Chronicles Chapter 20 Verse 15.

    Jahieziel declared that the battle was not theirs alone but God’s and he encouraged them to not give up but to be determined the next day.
    Jeshosphat encouraged the people to have faith and God will keep them strong as they started their day.The group thanked God in advance and things really did change and they gained the victory without going to battle.

Fear can strike us at any time and situations also can engulf us. Let us remember and know that God can intervene just when we believe it is to late and that the battle is not ours! alone. Remain fear-LESS.

In the final episode of this series a special representative for God found in the Old Testament discusses fear. See you next time! For episode 1 click here 

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