Style Principles Topic: Say Yes to the dress


Style Principles

Topic Say Yes to the dress

Congratulations – its official folks he asked n she said YES. Project Wedding Dress is on!

Here’s a  very quick history lesson back in the mid-19th century white was the colour of mourning until my gurl Queen Victoria went rouge n she wore white when she married Albert in 1840. It didn’t go down well in royal society but let’s just say the rest is history!


Shopping for a wedding dress is like no other dress seeking experience there’s a lot riding on getting it right. Tip: Never go shopping on an empty stomach.  Fry two dumpling, ackee & Saltfish with nuff plantine washed down with a cup of hot charklate. IF that don’t keep you I don’t know what will.


IF we’re to believe this year’s New York Fashion Week Bridal trends you’ll be wearing something with either/a combo of puff sleeves, pockets, champagne hues n bows. Personally, set your own trend celebrating what you’re Mama gave ya.


Be prepared for the emotional connection you’ll get when finding your dress but just as importantly, walking away IF you’re unsure. Tip: Choose your entourage carefully – they can make or derail your experience. This is the most expensive dress you’ll ever purchase for your big day n gurl you need to get the longest wear out of it!


Listen preparing for your wedding day will take over your life temporarily so IF need be take your Bridezilla-self off into a darken room with a glass of Prosecco for everybody’s sake before World War III breaks out n your bridal party boycotts your wedding – emotions can run high!


Once upon a time IF you wanted a wedding dress you went to a wedding shop – simple. Now you have independent wedding boutiques, chains, department stores, online, hire, second-hand, clearance/sale, or dressmakers. Your wedding Consultant is your new bff n gud ones are worth their weight in gold. They will be able to navigate you through ball gowns, fishtails, lace, silk, sleeves, sleeveless, sweetheart neckline, boat neck, veil or tiara decisions decisions decisions. Be willing to try on dresses that don’t look all that on the hanger coz you never know you may be pleasantly surprised or at least eliminated from the list.


Most bridal stores stock sample size (s10) which doesn’t help those of you who fall into the size curvy group SO discuss this with the store beforehand having to try on something that’s tight up on you ain’t a gud look n a waste of your valuable time. Better still target curvy bridal stores. Give yourself enough time (in some cases a six months window) only Eve got away with wearing her birthday suit on her big day.


When Harry married Meghan the understated elegance worked from the dress, veil and tiara to the backdrop of the castle. The attention to details the tiara wasn’t competing for attention with any other bling, the embroidery details representing the 53 countries of the commonwealth now that’s personal. When ah man comes out him bed n handpicks your bouquet you know he must be into you but it was when H lifted the veil from her face n neatly fixed it in place – But wait this Prince no easy he’s the ‘Veil Whisper’ – or maybe he had gud sense to practice with a piece of net curtain left over from his Nan’s era the night before – SO anyhow he got that wrong trust me the dark in Meghan would have come to the surface for the world to see – Chups.


Then the Duchess takes it to the bridge with her partay dress to dance the night away. When it comes to having two dresses let’s just say you’re gonna learn to love corn beef n rice for years to come while you pay off that debt!


Living in such a digital age where everything can be captured, tweeted, re-tweeted, posted without your permission. Those photos are for life – no pressure then. Say cheese!


Finally, there’s a glow that only comes when a man loves a woman this is your time to shine so go right ahead n shine #teammarriage.



Queen of Chaydes.

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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