June Script-Time: Fill me up!

Yes its that time again welcome to June’s monthly Script-Time, I am feeling extremely exited about this months script-time. We will be changing the format of how we will be reading, praying and connecting with the passages, to help enhance our spirituality and to hear from God.
For those that are part of the LE family I hope you will find the changes helpful and to those who are just passing by, please drop a us message and let us know how we are doing.

Lets crack on…..This month is an important part of the christian faith as we roll in to calender’s event known as festival of Pentecost, it is at this point where Jesus returns to heaven and the gift of His holy spirit falls upon the disciples.

This means that although Jesus is not here in the flesh anymore, His spirit is and His spirit lives within us. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit (spirit of God) you have the power of Jesus inside of you.

You can read in full ACTS 2: The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost.

Before you start reading you may want to find a quite space, and grab a notebook. As you read this scripture, really think about what you reading, note down any thoughts or feelings that come to your mind.
Once you have done this then read the passage again and not down anything else that you might hear or see.


” I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy and peace as you trust in him.Then you will have more and more hope, and it will flow out of you by the power of the Holy Spirit.”Romans 15:13 ERV


Now you will have all got different revelation, that will be personal to you. Now reflect and meditate on what you have written, spend time asking God is there anything that you need to do with what you have heard or written.
There may be an instruction or there may be a confirmation, this is personal between you and God.

Now you will have all got different revelation, I will talk about what I heard and thought  I thought about the promise of God. In particular the personal promise that God gives, that might mean a job, house, ministry or a marriage. Whatever it is, you know its a promise from God right as you feel it in your soul.What struck me were the words peace and hope, sometimes Gods gives us visions, dreams and promises. Often when we do not see them manifest in the way we thought they would, or if God change’s the order and the process, we can lose hope and our peace.This passages reminds us that the prince of peace Jesus Christ lives within us, He gives us peace and hope. That no matter what you are going through, or no matter how long the wait is, you have the peace of the Holy Spirit and as you trust Him to fulfil the promise. You can be hopeful, because Gods word can not return to him void.


Please feel free to pray your own prayer as you feel lead to do so.

Lord I thank you for your unfailing love and compassion towards us, I thank you for your peace in our minds and heart in a world that is peace-less.Lord I pray that you continue to speak to me through scriptures, that you continue guide me in every step that I take.Lord I pray that even when times look dark and it does not look like the promise’s you gave me, that I remain steadfast and seeking your face, continuing in hope.I pray that I do not give up, but remember that I have you on my side and within me and there is nothing that I can not do. As greater is in me than he that is in the world. In Jesus name Amen

If you are not yet a born again Christian or filled with the Holy Spirit, but would like to find out more please email in or attend your local church.

Also dont forget to visit resources and downloads to find more information.

Look forward to being with you next month.

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