April Scripture Time : A Change of Clothes Jeshua.

Welcome  to April LE Family, how quickly is this year going?  we are approaching one of the most significant events in Christianity, the Easter season ‘death, burial and resurrection’. This is a time where we reflect on the many things Jesus had to experience to set us free, lets look at Zechariah 3 vs 3-5.


Joshua was standing there, wearing filthy clothes. The angel said to his heavenly attendants, ” Take away the filthy clothes this man is wearing. Then he said to Joshua ” I have taken away your sin and will give you new clothes to wear”.

He commanded the attendants to put a clean turban on Joshua’s head. They did so, and then they put the new clothes on him while the angel of the LORD stood there.

Zechariah Chapter 3 verses 3-5. Good News Bible (GNB).



Jesus endured much suffering and pain, which included him being betrayed by a member of his team, Judas who was one of his disciples turned against him. Jesus was arrested and experienced several trials.

The crowd turned on him and he was sentenced to death by crucifixion. Jesus was humiliated his clothes were ripped from his body and his skin was ripped after he was flogged and he was hung to a cross.

I am in no shape form seeking to be overly graphic scare or minimise through just one paragraph what Jesus experienced and overcame.

Jesus overcame death and returned with new clothes three days after his death, this is called his resurrection.

My opening paragraph provides context to the season which we are entering into, I could have chosen biblical scripture from the new testament which highlights the accounts of Jesus death, burial and resurrection.

Instead I have chosen to focus on the old testament because there are relevant symbolic links to Jesus the Messiah.

Zechariah, in brief, was one of the minor prophets, but really in my opinion a key prophet. Just to remind you prophets were chosen by God as his spokespersons and they would challenge the people of the time to return to God, and follow his laws and to place him first in their lives.

Zechariah ministered to a small group of Jews who had returned to an area called Judah to rebuild their nation and temple. The book of Zechariah has been called a prophetic book, as he was able to accurately predict in the present what was going to occur in the future, that of Jesus coming into the world.

The verses chosen this month are really relevant as Zechariah had a dream or vision showing a high priest called Jeshua, in some versions of the bible standing before God in filthy clothes. The Greek word for Jeshua is Jesus, which means the Lord saves within this scripture Jeshua symbolises God.

If we focus on Jeshua, or Joshua coming before the angels in the scripture this is a metaphor for how we can all receive new a chance, a fresh start where Jesus can remove our dirty clothes, of behaviours or sins, which we feel will prevent us from receiving new clothes from God.

Sometimes in life, we feel that we are dirty and beyond cleansing and we feel we either need to clean ourselves before God can help us or we listen to our past by which I I mean we think about what we have done which we perceive that God won’t love us. Wrong. If we make that step towards God, through the help of others and break away from the crowd God will do the rest.

Last year we released a vlog focusing on God’s Grace and the song amazing Grace was mentioned. The song lyrics state “amazing grace how sweet the sound who saved a wretch like me” a little harsh to the ear perhaps but God sees beyond our flaws and can clothe us with a new clothes and a new crown.

It is a difficult step to take, please don’t think I am saying it is easy sometimes we need to step out from comfort zones which may not be helping us grow and also move towards a designer and clothes which will never go out of fashion.

Let us remember during this Easter season the ultimate sacrifice which Christ made on the cross to provide us with a chance to receive new clothes for free.



Thank you, Lord, for being our saviour and for your grace and mercy. You died on the cross for all our sins. You overcame death to set us all free Lord, words alone are not enough to show our gratitude to your father for this.

Lord we are far from perfect, thank you for taking away the dirty clothes that you alone can see we carry on bodies and providing us with clothes fitting of you which we striving to fit into. Help us not to be resistant to the clothes of kindness, forgiveness, helping others, the clothes of grace.

Help us look into the mirror of your word to ensure that we are wearing the clean clothes you have provided to us accordingly and are not altering your design of our lives to fit in with the crowd.

Help him to walk with your guidance and through the new clothes of our behaviour let us draw closer to you.

Father as we enter into the period of Easter season where your ultimate sacrifice on the cross and victory is in forefront of our lives. Help us not to lose sight of You throughout the year.

Let us place you first and draw others to you so you can design the clothes of their life to give you the glory. I ask this in your great name Jesus Amen.

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