Healthcare when homeless

Get help from a doctor, nurse, dentist or optician if you’re homeless.

Get healthcare

You can get healthcare from:

  • day centres
  • specialist medical centres

Some day centres have visiting doctors, nurses, dentists and opticians. Find out if there is one near you through The Pavement.

There are specialist medical centres for people sleeping in hostels or on the streets. Some centres also help with mental health, alcohol and drug problems.

Register with a doctor

If you’re sleeping on the streets or don’t have a fixed address you can still register with a doctor. You can use the address of:

  • your family or friends
  • a hostel
  • a day centre
  • your doctor’s surgery

You can find a doctor in your area through NHS Choices or by calling 111.

Help from Crisis at Christmas

Medical, dental and eye care is available at Crisis at Christmas centres.

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