Style Principles Topic Baby its cold outside

Style Principles

Topic Baby its cold outside

Wow wee 2019 as kicked off and it’s all about covering up in style – Yeah you heard right style. Listen why should the cold weather have all the fun? The Clearance (aka sale) is still on. Yeah. I know #itsemotionalbabe.

Have you ever played ‘kissed chase’ with the weather and lost? Meaning, the forecast is for heavy snow and none of your footwear can eat snow and those leather gloves are no match for cold weather.

As my Aunty would say “Mek haste” take advantage of the mild weather and freshen up those woollen garments. This is no time to be smelling musky unless it’s a perfume and it smells gud. You get me.

A splash of colour/print/sparkles can make such a difference. This is not the time to blend into the darkness. Batman already has a side kick. Robin ain’t retiring for now so back off – hello!

If you haven’t already upgraded your winter closet and accessories CA’s there’s still time to grab some blessings.

Here are a list of online fashion retailers that you could find useful if you’re not up to pounding the Streets:-

  • The UK top 10 affordable online fashion retailers

  • What are the best online shopping site for clothes

  • Wish

Info – Wish are cheap (#madeinChina) but watch out for the pp. I bought a pair of pumps didn’t like them at first coz they did look ‘cheap as chips ‘- the leather version still in Office shoe factory being held hostage – lol.

Ok, back to the story – people just complemented me so much I kept them! IF, it works don’t knock it go wid the flow.

Stay seen, stay warm and stay stylish.

Queen of Chaydes.

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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