New Years Day Script Time: The Jabez Prayer of Hope.

Happy New year and Welcome Back

Lets talk about beginnings, as a new year arrives this can be a period of reflection over how the last twelve months have been, alongside looking forward to what is ahead of us.


9 Jabez was a very good man, who was better than his brothers. His mother said, “I have named him Jabez,because I was in much pain when I had him.” 10 Jabez prayed to the God of Israel and said, “I pray that you would bless me and give me more land! Be near me and don’t let anyone hurt me! Then I will not have any pain.” God gave Jabez what he asked for.

1 Chronicles Chapter 4 verse 9-10


This month’s scripture contains just two verses and a biblical character who only appears once in the entire bible. His name is Jabez and I believe that we can take great encouragement and inspiration from him as we start the new year.

The last year for some of us may have been hard as a result of pain. Sometimes pain emerges through no fault of our own and can seep into our new beginnings. When looking at Jabez ‘s beginning his mother experienced pain or some versions of the Bible describe it as a hardship, which he was not responsible for. Nevertheless, Jabez overcame his difficult beginnings jand the opening verse states that “Jabez was more honorable than his brothers”.

Dear reader, you can and may have already overcome a difficult beginning! I could finish my reflection now, but I love these verses and there is much more that I want to share with you, so allow me to continue.

What is really striking about Jabez was that he was not afraid to delight himself in the Lord and he came to Him confidently. I really believe that Jabez had seen God show up in his life in a really amazing way which filled him with joy, as he put his requests to the Lord.

Jabez asked God for a blessing and an increase, we can also come to God asking for Him to partner with us, helping us in terms of an increase. This does not necessarily need to be for material things, that often don’t last. It could be an increase in our confidence, wisdom, a breakthrough in a business or job that we have started or are seeking to begin.

We can see that Jabez knew that God’s hand was important as this can provide protection, covering and guidance. God can open doors which no one can open and He can also close doors which may not be good for us.

Jabez recognised the importance of distancing himself from negativity, which could affect him. This negativity may have stemmed from his brothers, solely conjecture on my part, having read the opening verse.

It is crucial for us to remain healthy, not only physically but in terms of our attitude and outlook. This can be hard, but if we allow negativity and unnecessary worry into our lives this can affect our health and peace. Positive connections and our heavenly father can support us.

I was contemplating calling this opening monthly scripiture of 2019 “Jabez Prayer: a simple pray”, but it’s so much more than that. If we were solely to read the second verse it appears Jabez simply prayed and his requests were answered immediately. No! Jabez placed God centrally in his life and joyful looked for him, there was a relationship and God answered his prayers.

As the new year has now arrived do not let the pain from the last year or negative attitudes affect your progress. Seek someone who can help you grow and protect you and who will grant your requests ,if you seek Him that person is Jesus.


Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us all to see in a New Year, we do not take this for granted.

We bless you Lord. As this new year begins Lord, help those of us who may have suffered pain in the last year know that you are always available to heal, encourage and to lift us up. Father God help us realize that there is hope.

For some of us who have been blessed by you in the last year, Lord let us not keep this to ourselves.

Help us to share with others your accomplishments through us as this Lord can be medication to others, who may feel that their circumstances will not change.

Lord God I ask that the verses describing Jabez can also be hope to us, I pray father that the reader of this blog can take encouragement from Jabez, and take steps to seek you joyfully.

Remove Lord Jesus any fear they may have to approaching you. You are loving father and will receive all.

I ask that you protect and watch over us all in 2019 in the mighty name of Jesus Amen and Amen.

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