Stay in Your Lane,Know His Lane!: Episode 3.

We have come to the final episode in our series,Stay In Your Lane, Know His Lane! The aim of the series has been to help us recognise that plans we make must also be joined to plans which our heavenly father has for us.
In episode two we looked at the danger of having doubt and  becoming “double minded” and how this can affect our plans. Lets climb into the final part of this series.
Have you ever been in a situation where someone has assumed what decision you will make? An example of this could be you are in a restaurant, where the person you are with decides what YOU are going to order before you have even looked at the menu. They may have remembered what you ordered on a previous occasion and assumed you would order the same this time. I provide this scenario deliberately as we look for the final time in this series at some bible verses where my question will be illustrated and we will look at some principles.
We are returning to the Old Testament and to one of God’s representatives, referred to as a Prophet, who challenged his community and leaders to return to God and to follow his laws. The Prophet was Isaiah.
I have mentioned in my previous blogs how I respected Isaiah for keeping it real! challenging people and speaking out in term of injustices and encouraging people to return to God, despite receiving opposition himself he kept on. We can take encouragement from Isaiah.
The scripture verses are taken from Isaiah Chapter 55 verses 8-9 . Isaiah is addressing the people of Israel and challenging their foolish assumption  that they can predict and know God’s thoughts and plans. Isaiah is declaring within these verses that God’s wisdom and knowledge is far far greater than any human being. Lets look at some principles.
  • God’s thoughts and our thoughts are not the same. verse 8 How God sees things we can only imagine he is all knowing .
  • Do not limit God into one category he can be and is so much more.
  • Do not try fit God  into YOUR plan based on what you think God can do rather aim to fit into HIS Plan.
  • God is the highest authority ( verse 9)  take encouragement from this if man says no to your plan i.e.  bank, so  called friends. “His ways our higher than your ways” verse 9.
Let us take encouragement from the fact that all things are possible with God. As when we prepare our personal plans and visions. Let us acknowledge that we often start within our own lane, but let us understand and know there is another lane which we can merge our plans into His!. Stay in your lane? Know! his Lane.
I do hope that series has been helpful, beneficial and challenging. Your feedback ,comments  and ideas  for  future series is welcome.The entire series and additional resources will be available on the Life Essence app via android and iOS platforms.

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