Style Principles-Topic Shades of Colour

Style Principles

Topic Shades of Colour

Who said miracles never happen? Well I’m back! Now that’s worth celebrating oh yeaaaaah alriiiiight hallelujah. Fanfare people fanfare whoop whoop whoop! It’s a Kool and the Gang sing-a-long moment “Celebrate good times come on”.

Oh my dayz not only will Brexit soon be here but Christmas is on its way – PARTAY! Office parties, dinner parties, places to be. Your social life moves from zero to being on steroids.

Now if your colour antenna has shutdown all together, been vandalised or suffering from interference. Don’t panic!!! All is not lost.

Colour plays such a vital role in every aspect of life. Ok let me throw some shade on that – Have you ever thought why the sky is blue? But not just blue it’s a particular shade of blue or why the clouds are white instead of candy floss pink? No. Ok it’s just me one then – side eyes.

Every colour represents a character/mood/feeling. Ok for argument sake Valentine’s Day we’re talking reds, romance, passion, fire, luv, drama, intensity and sirens. Now Mother’s Day it’s all about the pinks, girlie stuff, gentleness, soft and cuddly, lovely and all things nice (don’t ask me why they think that for Mother’s day. Trust me you’ll not find a deep red, orange, purple for love or money during this time. The fashion industry has set the blue print which we still adhere to in seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn colour code.

Have you ever got caught up in the clearance aka sale hype or desperation and bought a garment that the colour was just wrong on every level! The only thing going for it was the price. But you bought it anyway.

Or, or you play it safe – yep another black dress to hang/hide in your wardrobe. Ah blackout – Let there be light! I’m speaking from personal experience. It got SO bad people were compelled to tell me I wore a lot of black. As my Aunty would say “Dem bright”. So what did I do the next shopping trip – yes I bought another black outfit lol. Before I could break the cycle of falling in love with EVERYTHING in black I needed to realise Houston we have a problem.

Not every black person can rock black on black/dark. What do you mean? Well I’ll tell ya – it can look flat or overpower the garment underneath.

One of the young Manager’s in my old workplace came into the office wearing a dress. Listen this person NEVER wears dresses nor skirts. So I clocked her from a distance so on one of my none-smoking breaks I caught up with her in the kitchen and I commented on the positives coz there were some, the cut the length plus

the fit she had it going on. I then asked did they have it in another colour. Yes I was being diplomatic (no for real). I’m not sure if she wore it again I left – lol.

But seriously, the shops don’t love you they just want your money. Learn how to play the clearance (aka sales) game in your favour.

Have you ever sat looking out at a mass of people heading to work? I’d say 90% would be sporting a black coat. That’s where most people comfort zone lies in the classic black. It’s a definite staple colour for the majority.

The winter shades centres around rich tones emerald greens, burgundy’s, vivid reds, sapphire blues, chocolates, caramels, mustards, burnt oranges, sparkles, furs, velvets, satins and gold’s. A colour palette of gorgeousness.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to do what I call an ‘Encore’ with an outfit that’s been worn before ESPECIALLY, if you keep getting compliments – hey you need to work it until the well runs dry!

BUT note was it the clothing or the colour that was liked? You need to know to help you identify one of the colours or the style that works for your skin tone/body shape.

Data like this are golden nuggets for when you go shopping and adding to your arsenal of clothing.

Tip 2: Don’t forget you can revamp your outfit by changing/adding jewellery, belts, scarves or footwear. Colour block or clashes.

Tips 3: Don’t be afraid to be creative – mix it up. You can get inspiration from ANYWHERE. The amount of times I’ve been looking at the bedding display or Homebase paint brochures and I use that to re-invent an outfit.

Some colour mash ups you need to see it to believe it! As my Aunty would say “It looks SO bad it looks gud” – lol.

They say confession is gud for the soul. Here goes. I confess I’m off to a Shhh party at the end of the month and I have this sequins number in mind with the tag STILL on it. Listen don’t side eyes me, facetey.

Have you ever gone shopping bought an *new outfit for an event and ended up wearing something already in your wardrobe? Farda friend you’re in gud company, me being one of dem. And yes maybe we (yes WE – lol) need therapy but for now it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Note: *If you keep the receipt you can always take it back if you change your mind.

Ok, let’s take it to the bridge – Va Va Voom. We’re going shopping fam. Ordinary just won’t do. If you haven’t already started looking you need to start now to avoid disappointment. Whether you hit the High Streets or www dot this is your time to shine. You got this.

Sort your Bridget Jones out and harness those bad boys – yep you guessed it we’re talking knickers and bras. Put this area back on the map: know what you need, re-stock and get rid.

Have you ever been in a situation where those skyscrapers attached to your feet are hurting you SO bad you’ prepared to become the next Bare foot Contessa! Gurl have your Vex shoes ready. Ouch!

Lippy – get your shade on. I’m in love with Stay liquid lipstick by Rimmel. It does stay on if applied correctly. You get more colour options in the larger Boots /Department stores.

Nail it – Remember if you’re waving your hands like you just don’t care. Your hands are on show. You’ve got so many colours to choose from take your pick. Nail bar vs Do-it-yourself – get painting (toes included).

If you got skin on show moisturise it well. Don’t debut your crusty foot bottoms. Check your hold-ups/tights/stocking have a back-up pair for holes/ladders just in case.

Catwalk – Well I’m off to try on my party outfits and make any tweaks. I suggest you do the same.

Listen my diary is filling up nicely so if I don’t get the opportunity to blog before Christmas it’s not only the goose getting phat or the turkey being stuffed dis Year!

Remember the right colour suits you.


Queen of Chaydes

Director of my Wardrobe

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