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One afternoon seated in my boudoir in my favourite dressing gown – not just any dressing gown this is a M&S luxury dressing gown with a hood oh yeah! With the Autumn sun streaming through the shutters has I set to work on my very first Style Principles blog for LE. Please God let them invite me back – lol!!!

I like to refer to myself as a CA – Clothing Ambassador I do love a good outfit especially, when it’s from a clearance (I learnt this word from John Lewis – they don’t use the word shhh shhh sale! IF, it’s good enough for JL, it’s good enough for me).

Can I ask you some questions? – Q: When was the last time you received a compliment? Q: How did you react? Q: How did it make you feel? As the girl band The Bangles once sung (and maybe still do) “I’m walking on sunshine oh oh and it sure feels good”. We don’t want “What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster” by the Automatic – none of that!

Can I ask another question? – Q: When was the last time you took your bright-self and complimented someone else? Coz they just rocked that outfit or man that hairdo is on point.

It took me years to be comfortable in my own skin and even though its great getting compliments. I have reached a stage in my life I can look myself in the mirror and know I look real good but the cherry on the cake is when you get recognition of what you already know. The slight difference you know you look cute but you don’t know HOW CUTE and that’s where the cherry comes in.

Listen when I hit those Streets that’s my project runway and my Daddy in Heaven will not withhold any good thing from ME. Coz He’s a Promise Keeper.

Have you ever had someone look at YOU as if you’ve just stepped off a professional photo shoot/music video – and no I don’t have a wind machine tucked away in my handbag – not yet anyway, I’m working on it – lol. You’re on it like a car mechanic on a car bonnet and not only that you can walk in THE shoes dem. Every female has a story!

I’m rocking a strawberry blonde, ginger and brown look that’s now become my trademark – people have told me they look for my hair – yeah for real! People have even told me they didn’t think I was in Service because they couldn’t see my hair (yes I wore a hat that Sunday – lol).

Tip 1: Invest in your well-being does include looking good for your shape, your budget, your skin tone. You’re a walking talking billboard so advertise the best version of you.
Tip 2: IF, it don’t need ironing – kerching. Who? no WHO? Wants to waste time ironing? Schools uniform dayz done long time.
Tip 3: Get a decent full length mirror.
Tip 4: You need good lighting – you need to see yourself in your full glory. Work IT!
Tip 5: Speak to yourself

I’m gonna let you into my world there have been many times (depending on how much water/tea/juice I’ve drunk) I will go to the bathroom look in the mirror and tell myself I’m wonderful even when I feel like crap. I will look in the mirror just before I close the cubicle door and say Tonight Matthew (programme called Star’s in their eyes)I’m gonna be brilliant! We know that God Himself spoke creation i.e. He really did speak to Himself. #Lordbeautifyme

I’ve got several garments from way back when and when I debut them from time to time they get a compliment now that’s what I call style rather than fashion.

So my final questions to you are these Q: What are your clothes saying about you? Or
Q: What would you like them to say about you?

People I’m on a journey of discovery (yes even me). You know when you know, that God knows, that you know, that He knows, that you know, that He knows He’s got an expected end for you (Jeremiah 29v11) High-5 on that.

SO, IF you’re not too busy come join me here at LE I’d be glad for your company (don’t leave me hanging people – lol).

Rock dat style,

Queen of Chaydes
Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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