POWER-FITNESS and Self Defence

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​Outdoor sessions:

​One of our most popular ways to train with clients, being out in the open allows us to utilise huge amounts of space in order to run large bootcamp sessions.

Studio sessions:

​These sessions come in handy when the elements are against us, for a small admittance fee you will be able to use one of our go to studio locations.

Home sessions:

​As mobile personal trainers we are always on the move; and so we also bring our one to one services straight to your door!

Skype sessions:

We offer this service to bridge the gap of distance and the inconvenience of misaligned schedules… with the aid of technology we continue to break down barriers to exercise.

Workout plans:

​For those who would like to begin more intensive resistance training, we provide personalised workout routines that you can use when you go to your gym, and we adjust these plans as you continue to make progress.

Meal structure:

With our knowledge of various dietary eating methods and our understanding of personal habits; we offer guidance to help steer clients into eating habits that will compliment any fitness regime that they are participating in.

Nutritional advice:

Nutrition is a huge component of a healthy lifestyle and so we offer up to date and enjoyable tips that will keep you in peak condition both inside and out.

About US

Screenshot_20181014-090521_Samsung Internet.jpgLekan Obiora

Sports and fitness has always been big part of me ever since growing up, from physical education in school to organising football tournaments with the Glasgow culture & sports programme, who helped kids in the surrounding areas of Glasgow get involved in sporting activities outside of school. I started boxing in 2012 and soon discovered that it was the sport I was most passionate about. I saw it as way for me to express myself, it helped me gained confidence in my abilities, kept me disciplined and most importantly humble. My vision is to use boxing to improve people’s quality of life, helping them get fitter and stronger, building their confidence, developing a new mindset and lastly dealing with whatever adversity life has to offer in a calm collective manner.

– 17 amateur boxing competitions

– Scottish intermediate champion semi finalist

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Joshua (The Veganman) Griffith

I am a passionate personal trainer with experience in body re-composition and boxing self defence techniques.

An avid gym goer, I have extensive training knowledge and expertise which provides all of my clients with personal and relatable services to match their individual needs and goals.

I have seen the physical changes in my own physique over the years and now have the privilege to help others attain the same personal achievements.

One thing that I have learnt over the years of training is that everyone is on their own fitness journey, and as this journey is a LIFESTYLE… it is vital that any methods used work in accordance with the individual’s preferences, as they will need to stick with these methods for an extended period of time in order to reap and sustain all of the benefits in which they have worked so hard for.

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