My Fitness Journey -Operation get fit-Week 1


Time to get physically healthy! Why wait until the new year-The Time Is Now…week 1

I always feel very aware of my weight when I am jumping up and down and jogging, its really something I have had to push though and not feel embarrassed about the fat that is jiggling and jumping up and down with me.

I am having to remind myself that actually, there are many times through out the week were I am limited in what I do because of the weight. That the time is now and I need to make a change to gain better and healthier life style, and that moment of embarrassment because I cannot do a certain exercise is sort lived and relatively small as I push towards the goal of shifting the pounds and changing my wardrobe.

Check my short video and I hope if you have stumbled across this blog that you to are motivated and encouraged to start your journey!

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