Out for the count?


Out for the count?

This is it, the final round and you have everything to fight for.

You’ve trained your whole life for this moment and now is the time to claim your prize, but there is one problem… nobody is going to hand you this victory on a silver platter!

In fact, your opponent is doing everything within his power to prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

But even in the heat of this battle, remember who is in charge. The one who was on your side before time began. You see, this battle is all a part of God’s plan to bring out the winner lying dormant inside of you. It might feel like this weight is too much for you to bare, but be still and know that God is in control… He is fully aware of what He is doing, and the plans that He has for you are to prosper you!

God’s love for you transcends anything you could ever understand. He gave it all for you, and through it all, He still thinks that you’re worth it. When everyone around you thought you were down and out for the count… God still chose to believe in you because He knows exactly what He made you of in your Mother’s womb.

You come from a royal bloodline. A heritage full of mighty men and valiant women, of courageous leaders and Giant slayers! You have the power to do this… and much more than that… God is with you. You WILL overcome this trial!

The same God who pulled you through the tough rounds of your past is the same God who will deliver you now!

God will NEVER let you get knocked out!

No matter how many times life hits you in your face, He will always give you the strength to pull through!

It might feel like you’re on your last legs, that you’ve got nothing left in your tank and that you will go down at any moment… but believe me, greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world. The creator is bigger than anything in creation and he did not bring you this far too fail.

Every breath that you take comes from Him, and He goes before you with every move that you make. He is fighting on your behalf and He is faithful and just to complete the good work that He started in your life!

So keep your guard up! Remind yourself of His promises and trust that He will keep you through the challenge you are facing, and onto the other side of victory!

By Joshua Griffith

Sep 19, 2018,  Joshua Griffith LE Community Blogger

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