” Its Time Now! : Episode 2

Welcome back to episode two in our series “It’s Time Now”! For those of you who missed the opening episode, do check the Life Essence website where the entire series will soon be available.


In episode one, we looked how a leader of a group of twelve men prepared them for a task, that he wanted them to complete. We highlighted some key principles the leader provided to them, at the point they were told “Its time now! That leader was Jesus, those twelve men were his disciples.


Today we focus on someone who was told its time now to become a king. This could be viewed as a big responsibility. The example is taken from the Bible in 1 Kings Chapter 2. It involves King David preparing his son Solomon to take the throne just before the King died.


If someone told you told you today it’s time now to become a king or queen and take the throne we might be a little taken aback, and it would depend upon the context of the conversation. We might imagine kings, queens and royal families.


Sometimes in life responsibilities are thrust upon us and we often believe we don’t have all the right preparation. At times we believe it’s arrived at the wrong time, or it won’t come. When it does arrive it might be at the right time but we consider it to be too heavy to carry.

Here are some examples which we might be able to relate to the responsibility of becoming a parent for the first time, at whatever age in life. Taking on a major role in your job, for example being a head of a department in a company. Leaving home, owning your own business. Being the first person in your family to go to university.


If I link this back to King David and Solomon and consider not the conversation between them which you can find 1 Kings Chapter 2.


Let’s place ourselves in Solomon’s shoes being told that huge responsibilities were coming to him. I guess he had a variety of emotions and maybe some self-doubt, fear and he may have felt this is too big for me to handle. I am suggesting that on occasions we go through a similar set of thoughts when responsibility is given to us whether it is planned or unplanned.


Let’s look at some of the principles which assisted Solomon and which can also apply us:

  •  He was provided with instructions, ( remember this came up in episode 1). Instructions were there to help and protect him.
  • Responsibility came to Solomon at a difficult/sad time, he was encouraged to be confident and determined.
  • He was told be kind to those who had assisted his father ( maintaining good working relationships).
  • Being firm with those who you also come into contact with, and making strong decisions.
  • Also remembering the experiences of the person who you are following which they share with you.

Solomon was also advised that what would ultimately help and guide him in carrying out his responsibilities as King was the guidance of the Heavenly Father.

Let us remember that He is also available to us all and will support us in carrying out what can feel like a heavy responsibility.

The series will conclude with a different kind of Father and Son relationship.


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