“It’s Time Now”!: Episode 1.

Welcome to a brand new series, where I will be looking  at  how somebody prepares a specific person or a group for a task,which they want them to fulfil. I will be introducing some characters from the Bible to illustrate this point throughout the series.

One of the aims for the series is to equip us for such an occasion when someone tells us “It’s time now” to undertake the task. This will be done through outlining a couple of helpful principles that we can apply,when this time comes.

Sometimes preparation,development and learning for a task occurs and we don’t even realise that it is happening until afterwards. This can take place in various situations.

Today I am going to be introducing our first character, a leader, who prepared twelve of his followers for a task he had set for them to complete. He had full confidence in each of them fulfilling this task.

If we were to look into Jesus’ life throughout his time on earth the bible highlights how he interacted with different sets of people these included those close to him his twelve disciples and other followers. It also illustrates how he responded to religious high priests, how he attended to the sick and to those who were marginalised in the cities he travelled in. The Bible also shows how  Jesus responded to opposition, and betrayal within his team.

Let’s look at Jesus’s preparation for the group for their task ahead of them. During Jesus’s time carrying out his work/ministry he had selected a group of  twelve men ,who had access to him on daily basis.

They travelled with him and saw at first hand how he operated and how he conducted himself. Jesus was the ultimate leader, he had this group of twelve disciples and on occasions he travelled with part of the  group to different settings and situations, not to merely show off what he could do, but rather what they could do, if they followed his example and principles. I think this is really key point!  for us to grasp.

When supporting a group sometimes we cannot just stop and explain to them every principle which they are learning, sometimes providing access to the group to certain situations is learning in itself. Access is key!.

The key principles which Jesus provided  to his twelve disciples at the point of them being told  by him  that ‘it was time now’’ have been taken from Matthew Chapter 10 of the Bible.

  • The disciples were given power and authority from their leader.

  • They were given instructions.

  • They were given reassurance and told not to be afraid.

  • They were told to speak up about who their leader was.

If we think about those twelve disciples,some of them may not have realised the significance of them accepting the task and to its relevance to us now.Their leader did! Jesus realised that the group of twelve may have felt nervous, so he provided them with  instructions. I would suggest this was not restrict or to discipline, rather to protect them. It kind of like  what a responsible parent would do to his children.

Jesus as a leader demonstrated, not only confidence in his team  but he offered them protection through the four principles above.

Let us take encouragement  if we are in a group situation such as a workplace, school, sports team,where  we are told “its time now” to take that next step, let us refer back to the ultimate leader for guidance.

Please do feedback on today’s opening  episode.  Part two  will be focusing  on a character being told it’s time now ! for huge responsibility.


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