How to Slay Ankara Prints

print 5

How to Slay Ankara Prints

From the dry Sahara desert to the Wetlands of the Congo, the Ankara prints roam the plains of Africa representing the bold, diverse, colourful, loud, and beautiful cultures of the black continent.

These prints are versatile and a perfect fit for all occasions, from casual to corporate events, funky, chic, evening wears, and even kids are not left out from dressing in fashionable Ankara prints.

The Ankara fashion has come full circle to having accessories to complement other fashion staples. We now have bags, shoes, and jewellery making them the best pieces to have in any wardrobe.
Slaying Ankara prints do not require any special skills other than having a good material, a tailor and a wearer to slay the look. Ankara prints are small or big depending on the material or the mixed by the designer.

Slaying Ankara prints depend on how bold you are!

print 4


A day look composing with plain colour and prints in the middle creating an illusion of a slim waist for a beautiful figure flattery dress for the modern woman.

A beautiful short gown with pleated bottom can be worn with high heels to show those legs for a day at the office or an afternoon with the girls for cool drinks.

print e

Mother and daughter

Slaying Ankara prints skirt with a plain top giving mother and daughter that perfect outfit for some extra bonding time.


print 2

For that sexy chic, slaying Ankara print trouser with a sexy midriff for that special event or night out with the girls.



Kids are not left out of the Ankara fashion world. Ankara gives kids a sense of maturity, swag and brings out the fun in them while fitting well in the event of the day.

Ankara prints are now on international runways with supermodels and celebrity artists slaying “our prints” in more ways than one.

Jun 7, 2018, Kelleigh Wooderson


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