How To Rock Natural Hair Like A Boss

For as long as the world can remember, natural hair was seen as “not ideal”, inappropriate, dirty, and unkept. However, recently women worldwide have learned and grown to accept the natural texture of their hair.

Natural hair exists in different types ranging from; 3A-3C (straight & Wavy) and 4A-4C (curly). These textures add to the versatility of natural hair allowing them to be styled in different forms.
If you’re looking to try out new styles with your natural hair today, here are a few ways to rock your natural hair like a boss;


Try Out A Good Updo


Packing up your natural hair is a great way to fuse simplicity and elegance. Everyone knows a great updo will showcase and instantly accentuate your best facial features. Aside from the veil used in weddings, a great updo is captivating and makes the bride look like a princess straight from a fairy tale.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is in twists or just left to flourish, you can never go wrong with a good updo.

Put It In Twists


A twist is a great form of protective styling and can be done with several textures and length of hair. It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, a twist is your go to. You can twist out your hair late at night and as long as you have on a silky bonnet, you are good to go. Channel your inner African princess by adding a fashion jewellery.

Braid It Out


Braids are by far one of the oldest ways of wearing natural hair. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also a great protective hairstyle. Cornrows and box braids are the most popular among several braid variations and for the most obvious reasons, they look so good!!!. They fit literally anyone no matter the shape of the face.

There are several colours of hair extensions that you can also use to make this look colourful and fun.

Let It Loose


Wearing your natural fro is also a great way to rock your mane. It is less stressful and literally requires just a wide-toothed comb and a good moisturizer.

All of these styles are very easy and flattering for natural hair. Also, don’t forget to keep that styling brush and eco styler gel close. The baby hairs won’t tend themselves!!.


Jun 11, 2018, Blogger Life Essence UK

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