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Who Is Clarissa?

To be a better version of themselves. I am a very ambitious person who is working on this business to achieve life goals and help others do the same. I work full time as a job coach and work on this business as well.
The shakes have helped me to lose weight with the combination of changing my lifestyle. Also, the premium capsules have helped me to increase my energy levels and have improved my skin.

Juice plus

Juice plus contains up to 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables. It bridges the gap between what you should eat and what you are eating. A balanced diet is important as it helps your body receive all the vital nutrients. Juice plus have concentrated 30 types of fruit, vegetables, and berries in a capsule.
The complete shakes have a blend of carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Also has low GI and gluten and suitable for vegans. Can be used to improve nutrition, repair muscles after exercise or for weight management.

Juice plus also produce compete bars and soups

Boosters are designed for weight loss and are made from a dietary fibre which derives from the konjac plant, which reduces calories and fills you up for longer.

Juice plus has been highly researched with over 30 medical studies in total and has featured in medical journals, such as the British journal of nutrition and research 2011 the studies have shown to improve dental health, reduce oxidative stress and evidence has shown it to be bio available.

All plans come with an app, access to support group and I’m here to help as much as you need me
The products are available in 26 countries and the company has been around for over 25 years.
Its ethos is to inspire healthy living around the world. The products are plant-based and the premium capsules have had 36 Scientific studies which have proven to reduce oxidated stress and have been tested to show its bio available.
Find out more and Contact Clarissa 
Apr 24, 2018, Kelleigh Wooderson

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