Are rappers shining a light on the True Star?


Are rappers shining a light on the True Star Or Just Themselves?

l was watching YouTube downtime after completing an essay on something  completely  different during  the Easter period, anyway I stumbled upon an advert “Snoop dog the rapper to release a gospel album”

It got me thinking about the collaborations and who would be the True  Star and who would be the featured artist !?

In a world where music has a huge influence on our lives entertainers and musicians specifically rappers shape trends in fashion, language and films. Our iPods and phones are jam full of music and headphones separate us from many things, we can become focused on these entertainers to such an extent that they become idols.

I was surprised and a little cynical over the Snoop Dogg venture into gospel music, I messaged my friend and this inspired the blog.

Please don’t think that  I am suggesting that all gospel and hip-hop collaborations are bad No! We must differentiate songs which give total praise to Jesus of his goodness, from songs and videos which are just an attempt from record labels to make money.


bible 1

There are sets of gospel/hip-hop leaning songs and music videos which fall into a category where money and self-adulation of the artist (s) appear to be thrust upon us, and where Jesus appears an afterthought by the artist. Kanye West “Jesus Walks” Nas – “hate me now” could be examples of this judge for yourself.


TI and Charlie Wilson, Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj have both released songs which are full of praise and thanks to Jesus. The artists in their lyrics mention sincerely how Jesus has helped them get through a situation, this is called testifying. They also mention bible verses in their lyrics in a positive context.


I myself have yet to listen to the Snoop Dogg influenced gospel album, please don’t think I am criticising this artist or questioning their reasons for releasing such an album. I am however wondering whether the True Star will be noticed, seen and heard if we were to invest our time in listening to its food for thought! Think about it. I will leave you to make up your own mind (s)

c wilson

Are these entertainers, who now have a wide platform in the world. Now confident to introduce the real star go into the music devices of many, or merely are they just seeking to sell more records and ultimately provide rappers/ entertainers with more money?


Are they shinning the light to someone who may not have known the magnitude and reverence of the real star? Jesus?


In the world, we have become so obsessed with rappers pop stars, that we follow their every move and place them on such pedestal’s. They are given such attention and there is a danger with this, the bible mentions something relevant to our times in 1 Corinthians 10, 14-15 GNB  “So then ,my dear friends, keep away from the worship of idols. I speak to you as sensible  people judge  for yourselves what I say”


Whilst Artist’s can help us through difficult times, ultimately it is the real star ⭐️ can assist us yet further.

Jun 17, 2018  KAY Life

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