The Beauticianchic Hair and Makeup

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The Beauticianchic Hair and Makeup Studio is London’s No.1, Professional and qualified Afro Caribbean, European hairdresser, makeup artist, and youtube content creator.

Located in a Catford-London-United kingdom and available to travel worldwide.

We consider ourselves “beauticians” because our services include hair installation, hairstyling, bridal hairdressing, bridal makeup, eyebrow waxing, weave fittings, hair styling, hair braiding, wig making, hair care, and image/beauty consultant.

We also work with assistant makeup artist during photo shoots or bridal party prep. For your professional makeup, hair styling, weave fittings, Senegalese twist, extensions and our sort after flawless braids and makeup including your gele tieing for all occasion feel free to contact us.

The Beauticianchic have an eye for all things colour, hair and artistry since from childhood, practising on herself which led her practising on friends and others.


More About CHI Through years of practising on herself and others and learning from her mistakes. Researching on everything beauty related made her turn her passion into a career which she has always wanted.

She is also a qualified beautician from London school of beauty. She has worked on different skin colour and hair textures professionally, and class herself to be high in the beauty industry. Which brought about the name ‘ ‘the beauticianchic” which her friends are found to call her.

In her book, there is no rule to makeup and hair as long as you get it right. She does not know everything but she is willing to learn.

She learns as if she was to live FOREVER and live like there is NO tomorrow.

When she put God first every other thing falls into place. She is a lover of creativity, beauty consumes her thoughts. She tries to see beauty in everything even in ugliness!

Natural beauty is good but just as you know colour makes all things more Beautiful.

She is obsessed with finding THE BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS on the market for hair, makeup, and beauty. A beauty BLOGGER and VLOGGER .

She has a passion for beauty, she is a woman in PROCESS. It can only get BETTER.

She thinks BEAUTY without intelligent is like a masterpiece PAINTED on a NAPKIN, Beauty comes from the inside!  Thanks for your CONTINUED patronage!



Tuesday – Saturday = 9.30am-10pm

Sunday = 4pm & Monday = CLOSED / 02084614026

Mar 8, 2018  Kelleigh Wooderson

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