Fashion Tips For Petite Ladies

Regular petite size clothing is designed to fit ladies with typically a hundred and sixty-centimeter height (5ft 3 in) and below. While there exist lots of ladies who possess such heights, it is quite unfortunate to note that in fashion, regular female sized clothes are designed for women with at least a hundred and sixty-five centimeters ( 5ft 5 in),  this implies that most of these designs would certainly not fit a lady with the petite body type unless several adjustments are made to the designs after purchase.

Well, who says petite is still not perfect? Ever wondered how some notable women in the public eye such as Jada Pinket Smith, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, and Victoria Beckham get to turn heads, look smoking hot, confident and perfect despite their petiteness? Well, I would share with you a few head-turning secrets which would not only make you look perfect but feel perfect as well.



Go For Monochrome Styles

There is magic, immense magic in going monochromatic and the results are instant especially when darker shades are used. Wearing one color all through automatically creates an optical illusion which elongates your height. Whatever your favorite color is, use it to your advantage and look exceptionally gorgeous and taller.

Avoid Knee High Boots

The fact is this; most petite ladies do not have long legs. While knee high boots may be a very high fashion trend this season, opt for ankle boots instead and own your fashion trend. This would focus more positive attention to your already beautiful legs.

images (3)

Wear Short Skirts

Wearing skirts that are above the knee or exactly on the knee should always be the best option whenever skirts come to a petite lady’s mind. Combining this with an ankle boot would give you the most flattering look ever.
images (2)

Huge Hand Bags Are a Big No No

Except your plan is to seem and stay hidden using huge handbags, then you are free to use one. Huge handbags on petite ladies give off a funny sensation to the eyes and mind alike; it just doesn’t fit, it’s just not proportional. In one simple sentence, oversized handbags overwhelm petite ladies.
Who says fashion is difficult? Fashion is never difficult if you know just exactly what suits you. Try out these few fashion tips and see an immediate result and impact on your appearance. Trust me.
Mar 1, 2018   Blogger Life Essence UK

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